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Two Ohio Cities Where More Families Favor Private Schools

Cincinnati and Cleveland are both included in a top ten list of major cities where high percentages of kids attend private school. According to a study by the real estate journal Trulia, Cleveland ranks seventh, with 17.5 percent of Kids going attending private schools. Cincinnati comes in ninth in the ranking, at 16.9 percent. New Orleans has the highest percentage, at just over 25 percent.

One reason for the high private school enrollment in these cities is that they have large Catholic populations: of the 80 percent of private schools that are religiously affiliated, half are Catholic schools. Another correlation involves the quality of public school districts – the better the quality of schools in a neighborhood, the fewer residents will opt to pay extra for private school.

The Trulia study also compares the cost of sending a child to private school vs. a good public school, and finds that public isn’t necessarily cheaper when you consider the higher taxes and higher home prices in neighborhoods with better schools.

More than two-thirds of adults with children under 12 say that the neighborhood school district is among the most important considerations when choosing a ho…

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