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Special Education Students Use iPads to Start A Band– And Find Their Own Voices

Technology has steadily been making an impact in the education world for years. And as NPR reports, it’s making a tangible difference in one Brooklyn classroom: special education students are using iPads as an outlet to better express themselves.

“The iPad is a game-changer because it’s affordable and accessible,” New York City’s Department of Education Director of Technology Leslie Schect told NPR. “It really opens doors. At times we don’t often know what’s really inside because they’re not speaking. This helps give them the voice.”

There’s a steady stream of hype surrounding the pluses and pitfalls of classroom tablet computers. But for a growing number of special education students tablets and their apps are proving transformative. The tablets aren’t merely novel and fun. With guidance from creative teachers, they are helping to deepen engagement, communication, and creativity.

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