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Senate Could Restore Parts of Kasich School Funding Model

Here’s where we stand on this whole school funding thing this time around: Gov. John Kasich introduced his plan to “fix” how Ohio funds public schools. The House introduced and then passed its school funding proposal. And now the Senate may combine aspects of both plans, and “reinstate” parts of the governor’s plan, state Sen. Randy Gardner, chair of a state Senate finance subcommittee on education funding, tells the Toledo Blade.

“I think the House has done some good work on the education budget, generally. I have talked to the administration the last couple of weeks; there are changes to their original proposal that they would like the Senate to consider,” Mr. Gardner said.

“[Mr. Kasich] wants the senators to also consider the work the administration put in to develop a proposal, and I think we owe the governor an opportunity,” Mr. Gardner said. “It’s very possible there will be a combination of what the governor prefers and the House prefers.”

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