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New York Times: Online Courses Aren’t Living Up to Initial Hype

MOOCs, massive open online courses, are one of the Next Big Things in higher education. They offer the possibility of providing free or lower-cost higher education to students anywhere in the world.

But the New York Times reports on recent developments that suggest MOOCs, at least in their current common forms, might not solve everything wrong with higher education.

[MOOC researcher George Siemens] said what was happening was part of a natural process. “We’re moving from the hype to the implementation,” he said. “It’s exciting to see universities saying, ‘Fine, you woke us up,’ and beginning to grapple with how the Internet can change the university, how it doesn’t have to be all about teaching 25 people in a room.

“Now that we have the technology to teach 100,000 students online,” he said, “the next challenge will be scaling creativity, and finding a way that even in a class of 100,000, adaptive learning can give each student a personal experience.”

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