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New Federal Guidelines For Reviewing Standards And Tests Expected

The federal government is getting ready to issue new guidelines for peer review of states’ standards and testing. Peer review had been a requirement since the late 1990s under the federal Elementary and secondary Education Act of 1994, and later under the 2002 No Child Left Behind reauthorization of that law, but was suspended in 2012 because the guidelines were outdated. Peer reviews do not judge standards themselves, but only how well a state’s tests align with its standards. Still, officials worry release of the updated guidelines will spark new protests over federal involvement in state testing.

The U.S. Department of Education is on the verge of releasing the first draft of new guidance on the peer-review process for standards and tests, a document that could exert a powerful influence on how states set academic expectations. Little known outside the assessment world, the process is wonky and technical.

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