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Many Ohio Districts Lose More to Charters Under Kasich’s New Plan

Schools who were relieved to learn they won’t lose funding under Governor John Kasich’s new school funding formula may actually see a drop in state aid. That’s because new numbers from the Legislative Service Commission show districts will have to pass on more of their funding to local charter schools under Kasich’s proposal through various “add-ons” like whether or not a student is special needs, lives in a poor district, or is learning English.

“Cleveland and Toledo, who were going to be flat, are going to be down,” said David James, superintendent of the Akron school district and co-chairman of the Ohio 8 Coalition of the state’s largest school districts. “We’ve been asking when the other shoe is going to fall.”

But Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said the governor’s promise applied to “districts as a whole,” which includes charter schools that district students attend, not to traditional school districts themselves.

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