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Kasich Says He’s “Concerned” About Loss of Local Control

Stopped in Steubenville by a gaggle of reporters, Gov. John Kasich was asked about his thoughts on a plan created by House Reps. Andy Thompson, R-Marietta, and Rep. Matthew Huffman, R-Lima, for a bill that would potentially repeal the Common Core. The Columbus Dispatch reports Kasich said he understands the loss of local control.

“That’s why we took actions in the MBR to address some of those,” Kasich said. “If there are more things that need to be done and we’re seeing an erosion of local control, then we’d have to address it. Their concern is who’s in control of the schools? And I’m always concerned about that.”

In the past, Kasich’s been a supporter of the new set of learning expectations. The pair of representatives say their bill will have hearings later this year.

“Let them have their hearings,” Kasich added. “We’ll see what all of this is.”

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – Gov. John Kasich said “I share a lot” of the concerns of two conservative lawmakers who want to eliminate the Common Core math and English/language arts standards in Ohio.

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