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In Ohio, Teachers Run For Statehouse – And Could Give Obama A Boost

One dozen teachers — all Democrats — are running for seats in Ohio’s General Assembly.

Many are longshots, and any candidates that don’t win may not stick around to try again.

But as StateImpact Ohio’s Ida Lieszkovszky reports for NPR, their participation and the residual organization of the Senate Bill 5 campaign could help propel President Barack Obama to a second term.

Many of the phone banks teachers set up to cold-call voters in 2011 — urging them to vote “No on SB 5″ — have been repurposed this year to make similar calls for votes to re-elect President Obama. And teachers have once again rallied around the Democratic candidate’s cause, taking to the streets and knocking on doors to tell people that without Obama in office, SB 5 could return.

In the state that could determine the presidential outcome, teacher enthusiasm could help Obama, says Stephen Brooks, associate director of the Bliss Institute at the University of Akron. “Just like the teachers that are interested in going out and becoming a part of the process, their colleagues also want to be part of the political system and I think the Obama campaign is benefiting from that.”

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