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In New Orelans, The Era of Neighborhood Schools Comes to A Close

Here in Ohio, your ZIP code doesn’t necessarily dictate your school. In addition to traditional public neighborhood schools, there’s also a plethora of other public school options, private schools, charter schools, and the option of home schooling. As NPR’s education team reports, New Orleans has closed all of their traditional public schools. Now, parents must choose between a charter school, private school, or one of the handful of remaining traditional public schools. More than 9 in 10 New Orleans students will attend charters, NPR says.

Bright and early one hot Wednesday morning in July, Nathlynn Dellande went to choose a new school for her grandchildren. Chloe, 7, was heading into the second grade, and her brother, Ashton Jr., 5, was starting kindergarten. Dellande lives in historically black, middle-class New Orleans East. She at first assumed Chloe and Ashton Jr.

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