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Franklin County Sees Rise in Teen Suicides

Our colleagues at WOSU report that Franklin County in central Ohio has seen an increase in teen suicides over the past year. Nationally youth suicide rates have trended downwards over the past decade.

Local officials have not identified common threads among the 10 Franklin County teenagers who committed suicide last year. However, national research has shown that most people who die by suicide have depression or other mental disorders or a substance-abuse disorder.

Starting this year, a new state law requires Ohio schools to include information about suicide prevention in the periodic child-abuse training required of teachers and other educators.

“Probably, Facebook or social media is the best place to find out what’s really going on inside their heads. Drastic changes in behaviors. A lot of times they’re tired with no energy. They may be angry. Also they’re feeling trapped or they’re having reckless behaviors like drinking,” [said Mary Brennen-Hofmann, suicide prevention service coordinator.]

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