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Father Says Columbus Data Rigging Cheated Kids Out of a Good Education

The Columbus school district and district officials are being sued by a Columbus father who claims they cheated students like his son out of a good education by inflating school-performance data, the Columbus Dispatch reports. The suit is the latest development into allegations that Ohio schools improperly altered student data in an attempt to improve the appearance of their schools’ performance.

Parents believed their children’s schools had improved, but they hadn’t because administrators “scrubbed” data to make them look better, the suit alleges. It says state report cards need to be recalculated for those schools and that affected students are entitled to remedial education at the expense of the district.

“The worst-case scenario in these cases is you have parents who sent their kids to what they believed to be great schools that were, in fact, poor schools,” said John P. Sherrod, special counsel at Columbus-based Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas.

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