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Despite Debt and Low Starting Wages, It’s Still Worth It To Go To College

For those who look at their mounting student loan bills and wonder whether their college education was worth the debt, new data from the Pew Research Center say the answer is yes.

Millennials who have a college degree make $17,500 more than their peers with merely a high school diploma. Bachelor’s degree holders have a much lower unemployment rate than those who only graduated high school, and the majority of them surveyed say the college experience was worth the cost.

But as the Los Angeles Times reports, the Great Recession has taken a toll on overall wages–the median pay for millennial college graduates is not much higher than it was three decades ago for those age 25-32..

WASHINGTON — High unemployment has left many Americans questioning whether the soaring cost of college makes it a good bargain for today’s young adults. But there’s strong evidence that a four-year degree pays off — and in some ways that may be even more so for the current generation.

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