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Columbus Dispatch: Taxpayers’ $1.2 Million Propped Up Owner’s Second Charter-School Bust”

Earlier this year, James McCord resigned as superintendent of Virtual Community School of Ohio, an online charter school sponsored by the Reynoldsburg school district that is facing financial and management troubles — such as suspected nepotism . The school also faces federal censure after failing to properly educate students with disabilities.

McCord went on to open eight new charter schools this school year, all managed by a for-profit company he founded. Those schools closed last month–after collecting more than $1 million in state funds.

By the time the Olympus schools closed, one had only four confirmed students; another had five; another, six. In all, the eight schools had a total of 128 students show up.

In a way, McCord’s venture was no different from many start-up companies that don’t make it, except for one thing: Ohio taxpayers helped fund this business failure. The state paid Olympus schools about $1.2 million, most of it for students it couldn’t confirm received schooling, the state Department of Education said.

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