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Cincinnati Schools to Allow Out-of-District Students to Enroll in District Schools for Free

The Cincinnati school board approved an open-enrollment policy this week. The policy allows students who live outside the district’s borders to attend Cincinnati schools without paying tuition.

A majority of Ohio school districts currently have open enrollment policies. Schools receive state funding on a per pupil basis, so open enrollment means more revenue for schools that accept open-enrollment students. But it also means that open-enrollment students’ resident districts get less state funding.

“We push out of the district over 100 students per year because they’ve moved and can’t afford the tuition,” said Superintendent Mary Ronan. “It really is heartbreaking. We’ve seen the letters and take the phone calls.”

The district also loses state dollars because of its closed-border system. When a student transfers to a different district, $5,700 in state funding follows him. This year 372 students – and $2 million in state funding – left CPS for districts with open enrollment policies.

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