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A “Brain-Based” Curriculum for Kids in Poverty

Earlier this year, an analysis of federal data found that for the first time in at least 50 years more than half of the public school children in America are living in poverty. In Ohio, the number is only 39 percent, but it still concerns school officials here who know that poor kids come to [...]

Teachers at Columbus School Vote to Join Union

Teachers at a Columbus charter high school have narrowly voted to form a union. But the election outcome is contested. Teachers at a Columbus Charter High School, Franklinton Preparatory Academy, narrowly voted to 5 to 4 to join the state’s largest teachers union, the Ohio Education Association. If the vote withstands a challenge, Franklinton Prep [...]

Gov. Kasich Urges Parents to Keep Kids in Tests


MARK URYCKI/STATEIMPACT A few parents around Ohio are reportedly holding their children back from taking standardized tests. The tests are looking at proficiency based on the Common Core math, reading and writing standards. That response is itself testing both state lawmakers – and the governor. Gov. John Kasich says he supports bills that would reduce the number [...]

A Look Back on The Common Core in 2014

Bill Rice This fall, Ohio’s school districts officially aligned to the set of math and English standards adopted by the majority of the country. But  a big portion of this year’s Common Core conversation revolved around legislation introduced to ditch the standards. Citing reasons like high-stakes standardized testing and a fear of losing local control [...]

Parent Trigger ‘Pilot Project’ In Columbus Has No Takers

Larry Darling / Flickr Improving low performing public schools is a problem that has troubled educators and parents for decades. This year, Ohio is trying a new tactic – allowing for parents to take over a troubled school. Under a ‘pilot project’ set by Ohio lawmakers, nearly two dozen Columbus City schools are eligible for [...]

Change to Rules Dealing with Specialty Education Positions Takes Next Step

Jeff Kubina / Flickr The state is one step closer towards changing the rules on music and art teachers along with other specialty positions. But it could still be months before the plan is finalized. Right now for every one thousand elementary students, schools must have at least five of these positions: art, phys ed, [...]

Ohio Board of Ed Considers Dropping Art and Librarian Requirements

The Ohio Board of Education is set to vote Tuesday on a rule change that has sparked anger and debate around Ohio. The board’s Operating Standards Committee has proposed eliminating a requirement that districts hire a certain number of art teachers, librarians, and music teachers, among others, for every 1,000 students in the district. They [...]

House Bill Caps Amount of Time Allowed for Standardized Testing


albertogp123 / flickr Lawmakers want to set a limit on the amount of time spent on mandatory state testing in schools. Many believe the cap is just scratching the surface of a bigger problem. The bill says students can spend no more than four hours on a state standardized test. That’s per student—per subject—per year. [...]

Members Walk Out as Ohio Board of Education Considers Change in Standards

A pending vote from the state’s top education leaders could have major ramifications on local schools around Ohio.  The state Board of Education is reviewing almost all of its standards to provide more “flexibility” to local school districts.  This week it considered changing Ohio’s so-called 5 of 8 rule that concerns art teachers, music teachers, [...]

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Leaves Room For Interpretation

Justin, Austin and Davon get personalized instruction from literacy specialist Olivia Weisman.

At  Renwood Elementary School in Parma, just south of Cleveland, Olivia Weisman wraps up a small group reading session with three students: Justin and Austin, both nine years old; and Davon is ten.  They’re in the fourth grade, but none of them has passed the Ohio third grade reading assessment or one of the alternative [...]

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