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Gov. Kasich Urges Parents to Keep Kids in Tests


MARK URYCKI/STATEIMPACT A few parents around Ohio are reportedly holding their children back from taking standardized tests. The tests are looking at proficiency based on the Common Core math, reading and writing standards. That response is itself testing both state lawmakers – and the governor. Gov. John Kasich says he supports bills that would reduce the number [...]

Sen. Sherrod Brown Says SMART Act Will Alleviate Test Burden in Ohio


albertogp123 / flickr A consensus appears to be forming that American schoolchildren are taking too many standardized tests. Liberals complain that it’s being done to punish teachers. Conservatives say the federal government is intruding in local schools. The Ohio Department of Education wants a 20 percent reduction in such tests. Now, they may get some [...]

Some Parents Boycott PARCC State Testing


The Ohio Channel Ohio students are taking the first round of standardized testing using the new assessment known as the PARCC, an acronym for the testing consortium that developed the tests. But some parents are leading a movement to boycott these tests, which are aligned with the Common Core math and English standards. Sarah Lewis, [...]

Putting The Technology Behind Ohio’s New Standardized Exams to The Test


StateImpact Ohio / Amy Hansen Ohio’s students are taking a new batch of standardized testing aligned to the Common Core, the math and English standards adopted by the majority of the country. This year, state officials initially planned for the test to be delivered strictly on a computer, but only about 60 percent of students [...]

Teachers at Columbus Charter School Seek Union Vote

Teachers at a Columbus charter high school want to unionize–and the organizing effort is believed to be a first among the state’s 387 charter schools. A group of teachers at Franklinton Preparatory Academy have taken steps to force an organizing vote. They got help from the Ohio Education Association, and the group’s vice president, Scott [...]

Less Than One Month Until Students Take The Latest Round of PARCC Exams


Screen capture of online practice question It’s the final countdown. In just a few weeks, Ohio’s students will take the first set of spring exams aligned to the Common Core. While approximately 70,000 students took a statewide trial run of the exams last spring, those results didn’t actually count. The Ohio Department of Education administered [...]

Ohio Colleges Focus on Keeping on Pace to Graduate

University of Akron

Now that higher education funding in Ohio is tied to the number of students who graduate, not enrollment, universities are doing more to see that students stay on track. And the Board of Regents requires each state school to have a formal retention plan in place, aimed at getting freshmen to return for their sophomore [...]

Former Columbus Superintendent Avoids Jail In Data Scandal


Tom Borgerding / WOSU The highest ranking public official convicted in the Columbus City Schools’ data rigging scandal will not do any jail time. Superintendent Gene Harris was meted a suspended sentence on charges of dereliction of duty. Harris’ 37 year career as an educator ended with a suspended jail term, revocation of her teacher [...]

Report Finds Tuition Contributions Now Outweigh State Financing at Public Universities

#ds308 - Out of Luck

SHARON DRUMMOND / FLICKR For the first time ever, students are picking up the bulk of the tabs at state universities. According to a study released earlier this week, tuition contributions now slightly outweigh the amount of financial support state governments shell out. The U.S. Government Accountability Office tracked public colleges’ revenue from 2003 to [...]

The Fate of H.B. 288 May Depend on One Report

BIOLOGYCORNER / FLICKR Nationwide, the issue of standardized testing has emerged as a hot button issue. Experts have questioned the security of testing practices, along with the pressure tests can place on students, and teachers’ concern about losing classroom instruction time. Late last month, the issue emerged in the state legislature after the Ohio house [...]

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