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Three States Are Now Ditching The Common Core

Two additional states have joined Indiana in withdrawing from the Common Core math and English standards. On May 30, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed legislation that calls for new standards, designed independently of the multi-state initiative, to be implemented for the 2015-2016 school year.  And on Thursday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin approved replacing the [...]

Ohio Bucks The Conservative Trend, Sticks With The Common Core

Republicans in several red states are heeding the outcry from conservatives that the Common Core is, at best, hurting education (at worst it’s a federal plot to indoctrinate your kids.) But on Wednesday Ohio’s legislature, which is heavily Republican, reaffirmed the math and English standards it adopted along with 43 other states and the District [...]

Ohio’s Ed Standards Debate Circles The Common Core But Doesn’t Zero In

A committee of Ohio lawmakers is set to convene Tuesday to hammer out an agreement on Senate-proposed changes to a House education bill. The changes to House Bill 487 would put into law what is already taking place: putting the brakes on partnering up with other states to develop and implement new learning standards. The [...]

How Ohio’s Big Urban Districts Intervene To Prevent Dropouts

DAVEDILLIONPHOTO / FLICKR For decades, districts have struggled to address the needs of the students considered most at risk of never graduating. In 1963, the Ohio Department of Education developed two programs to give those students work experience since they were likely leaving school to get a low-skilled job anyway. Over the years, those programs [...]

Rural Students Design Senior Projects In Order To Graduate

These are the final days of the school year, and for most students, that means final exams and big papers. But one tiny rural school district in Athens County goes beyond testing and written reports in helping students get ready for life after high school. At Federal Hocking High School in Athens County – senior [...]

How Career Tech Education Helped One Student Parlay A Hobby Into A Salary

For most high school students, the idea of being held back a grade is pretty discouraging. But when now 20-year-old Spencer Wolf was told he’d have to repeat the tenth grade, he says he was grateful. As a student at Fairmont High School in Kettering near Dayton, Wolf says he felt the classwork in his [...]

Student Surveys Among Changes House Proposes For Evaluating Teachers

MARSMET TALLAHASSEE / FLICKR The new teacher evaluation process that schools just started using this year is under review yet again by lawmakers. Senate Bill 229 would allow districts to evaluate teachers less often and would reduce the amount of a teacher’s evaluation that’s based on his or her students’ test scores and growth measures. That’s a [...]

Facing Forward: A Student’s Story

“My mother wants me here, even though I don’t want to to be here.” Those are the words straight from the mouth of Tyree Steward, a seventh grader from Cleveland’s E-Prep Charter School. He’s a charismatic young man, but the day-to-day struggles he faces  are beginning to take a toll. Several years ago, cameras followed [...]

Testing The Test: Ohio Districts Try Out The Common Core Assessment

With her first encounter with the new Common Core Assessment behind her, Lorain math teacher Kristen Mackey is back in her classroom, doing what comes as second nature to her: working through problems with her students. “You have your X,1, Y,1… your X,2, Y,2,” she instructs the class while jotting the equation next to a [...]

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