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Confusing Formula for Ohio Charter School Funding

Governor Kasich proposed this year to spend almost one billion dollars a year on charter schools in Ohio. In his budget, if the student population remains the same, every charter school would get an increase while about half of the traditional public schools would see a loss in funding. The state legislature has since been [...]

How Ohio School Choice Moved from Vouchers to Charters

The state legislature this spring has been updating rules for how charter schools operate in Ohio. It’s the latest in the evolution of charters here. The legislature has been tweaking the rules and regulations on charters every year or two since they began here in 1997. The first proposal for charter schools goes back 40 years [...]

Kent State Coaches Win Some, Lose Some

urycki In college sports, you win some, and you lose some. Kent State just lost one – in court. In 2011, the university reassigned their football team’s defensive coordinator James Fleming to a desk job. Fleming called it a breach of contract and wanted his salary for the remaining two and a half years. The [...]

House Committee Passes Budget with Changes Related to School Funding

tax credits / flickr House Republicans added another series of amendments to the budget before passing it out of committee. The House added $1.25 million so the secretary of state can keep mailing out absentee ballot applications, and another amendment gets rid of language that would’ve stopped the state auditor from performing public records audits. [...]

Wilberforce University Fights To Keep Accreditation

WILBERFORCE UNIVERSITY Wilberforce University in southwest Ohio is renovating its campus buildings and making policy changes as it fights to maintain its accreditation. Members of the Higher Learning Commission are on campus this week to find out whether leaders at the nation’s oldest historically black private university have taken the necessary steps to address low [...]

House Republicans Propose Cutting PARCC While Testing Officials Visit Ohio

PETER BULTHUIS / FLICKR House Republicans want to stop the state from using the education assessments known as the PARCC. The tests have caused a large amount of controversy with critics who say they take up too much time and place too much pressure on students. But  others say now is not the time to [...]

Teachers at Columbus School Vote to Join Union

Teachers at a Columbus charter high school have narrowly voted to form a union. But the election outcome is contested. Teachers at a Columbus Charter High School, Franklinton Preparatory Academy, narrowly voted to 5 to 4 to join the state’s largest teachers union, the Ohio Education Association. If the vote withstands a challenge, Franklinton Prep [...]

Free Community College Could Hurt Four-Year Institutions

President Obama's 2015 State of the Union address.

In his State of the Union address last month,  President Obama called for a program that allows free tuition for community colleges. But the idea may make some four year institutions in Ohio nervous. The president said in his speech that most new jobs require some college education or technical training, but too many high school graduates [...]

University of Akron President Considers Kasich Cuts

Governor Kasich has formed a task force to find ways of reducing the high cost of a college education in Ohio.  Kasich has suggested schools sell their non-academic assets.  At least one university president hopes it’s not a fire-sale. The University of Akron president Scott Scarborough began his career as an accountant and says the tightening [...]

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