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Students Stranded as Columbus Charter Closes

Columbus City Schools are getting plenty of calls from anxious parents after a charter school in Columbus closed its doors. Some 300 students were left scrambling to find a place to land at the start of the school year. The Focus on Collective Integrity Academy had survived financial trouble a year ago but its sponsor has [...]

Higher Ed Leaders Encourage College Affordability Measures

ThisIsBossi / Flickr College affordability is having a moment. President Barack Obama recently unveiled a plan that relies on community colleges, while the two top Democratic presidential candidates are talking up different plans they’ve developed. But leaders in Ohio are showing that they’re past the proposal phase and already putting their plans to action. To [...]

Ohio Democrats Criticize Kasich and GOP Before Debate

Ohio Democrats aren’t waiting for the Republicans’ first primary debate to offer their opinion on the candidates that will gather tomorrow night in Cleveland. One group is giving a thumbs down to Gov. John Kasich and his education policies. Congressmen, state representatives, and union leaders from Ohio held a pre-debate teleconference to argue that the [...]

Ohio Board of Education Lacking Clout

Members of the State Board of Education were upset at their meeting this month when they found out that some charter school sponsors may have been getting special treatment in their evaluations. Some state legislators are calling for the resignation of Ohio’s School Superintendent Richard Ross. The power to fire him lies in the hands [...]

University of Akron Rescinds Course Fee Hikes

Officials at the University of Akron sparked an outcry in June when they boosted course fees by $50 dollars an hour for upper level classes. On Monday, the school has rescinded those fees. But they’re also handing out pink slips. It’s all part of the school’s effort to balance its budget. School officials say they’re not [...]

State Task Force Meets to Discuss College Affordability

KRISTIE WELLS / FLICKR Earlier this year, Gov. John Kasich asked a nine-member task force to figure out how to make higher education more affordable. At the group’s meeting at Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Community College on Tuesday, education and private-sector leaders discussed how universities can streamline services to potentially save money.

Ohio’s U.S. Senators Amend Every Child Achieves Act

Ohio’s two U.S. senators were successful in holding off an amendment to the education bill passed Thursday that might have cost Ohio schools $70 million aimed at programs for low-income students. Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman worked to change it so that new formula for dispersing Title I money requires extra funding, making it [...]

Ohio Offers Performance-based Bonus Education Money

The $10 billion state budget worked out by the Ohio legislature two weeks ago puts more money into education than Gov. John Kasich’s spending plan. And, for the first time, the education plan includes a funding bonus based on school performance. The governor’s proposal to provide more money for poor districts and less money for [...]

University of Akron and Others Look to Cut Costs

The University of Akron announced it’s laying off 215 employees and eliminating its baseball team to fix a $60 million budget deficit. All state schools have pressure to reduce spending. The new state budget freezes tuition at state universities for the next two years. And by October, Akron and other state schools must submit plans [...]

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