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University of Akron Promises to Correct A Failure to Communicate

The University of Akron leadership admits it made mistakes in how it handled hundreds of job cuts, the future of E.J. Thomas Hall and other controversies in recent months. But it also insists each move is part of a process that will make the university better. Akron will have to sell that message hardest to [...]

Ohio Democrats Criticize Kasich and GOP Before Debate

Ohio Democrats aren’t waiting for the Republicans’ first primary debate to offer their opinion on the candidates that will gather tomorrow night in Cleveland. One group is giving a thumbs down to Gov. John Kasich and his education policies. Congressmen, state representatives, and union leaders from Ohio held a pre-debate teleconference to argue that the [...]

Dayton School Board Rep Calls Ross’ Charter Review Plans “Weak”

Seven members of the Ohio Board of Education have sent a letter to the state’s superintendent asking for an outside investigator to find out if he was involved in hiding poor charter school assessments. Pressure has been building on the state’s education department since David Hansen resigned last month. The school choice director left over [...]

Ohio Board of Education Lacking Clout

Members of the State Board of Education were upset at their meeting this month when they found out that some charter school sponsors may have been getting special treatment in their evaluations. Some state legislators are calling for the resignation of Ohio’s School Superintendent Richard Ross. The power to fire him lies in the hands [...]

Will Ohio Flunk Failing Charter Schools?

The head of the Office of School Choice in Ohio resigned over the weekend, after he admitted he had left some failing grades out of several charter school evaluations. Critics question whether David Hansen was purposely “scrubbing” the grades to make charter sponsors look good. Meanwhile, the status of state legislation to crack down on bad [...]

Ohio Dept. of Education Halts Evaluations of Charter Sponsors

The Ohio Department of Education today announced it’s retracting its evaluations of charter school sponsors. The move comes after a department official admitted he had failed to include the grades of some very low-performing sponsors. Some of the worst performing charter schools in Ohio are online schools. But their sponsors, or authorizers, have been getting [...]

Youngstown Mayor Wants to Join District’s New Academic Distress Commission

This week, Gov. John Kasich signed into law a new plan allowing for more state intervention in the Youngstown City School District. The next step is for state and city leaders to appoint a commission that will select a CEO  for the schools. There are already plans in motion to fill one of the five [...]

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