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Ohio Board of Education Lacking Clout

Members of the State Board of Education were upset at their meeting this month when they found out that some charter school sponsors may have been getting special treatment in their evaluations. Some state legislators are calling for the resignation of Ohio’s School Superintendent Richard Ross. The power to fire him lies in the hands [...]

Will Ohio Flunk Failing Charter Schools?

The head of the Office of School Choice in Ohio resigned over the weekend, after he admitted he had left some failing grades out of several charter school evaluations. Critics question whether David Hansen was purposely “scrubbing” the grades to make charter sponsors look good. Meanwhile, the status of state legislation to crack down on bad [...]

Ohio Dept. of Education Halts Evaluations of Charter Sponsors

The Ohio Department of Education today announced it’s retracting its evaluations of charter school sponsors. The move comes after a department official admitted he had failed to include the grades of some very low-performing sponsors. Some of the worst performing charter schools in Ohio are online schools. But their sponsors, or authorizers, have been getting [...]

Youngstown Mayor Wants to Join District’s New Academic Distress Commission

This week, Gov. John Kasich signed into law a new plan allowing for more state intervention in the Youngstown City School District. The next step is for state and city leaders to appoint a commission that will select a CEO  for the schools. There are already plans in motion to fill one of the five [...]

Some Ohio Schools Brace For Funding Cuts After State Budget Veto

PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO CHANNEL Some of Ohio’s school districts are bracing for cuts in state funding in the new budget. Kasich vetoed a provision in the new two year state budget that would have provided $78 million to about 100 school districts which had relied on a tangible personal property tax from local [...]

State Testing Revamp Must Be Quickly Completed

Gov. John Kasich’s recently signed budget bill includes a total revamp of Ohio’s batch of Common Core-aligned math and English exams. But education officials have a lot of work to complete in a relatively small amount of time. Working alongside the American Institutes for Research testing company, state officials will need to create the new [...]

Food Advocates Worry About Kids

ERIC LANGHORST / FLICKR Over 780,000 Ohio children rely on free or reduced priced meals at schools throughout the state during the academic year. But advocates for low income Ohioans worry many of those children are going hungry this summer. There are food service programs throughout the state that provide lunches and activities to children [...]

Youngstown City School Leaders Fear Loss of Local Control

New legislation passed in both the House and the Senate yesterday calls for transforming the way Ohio handles continually underperforming schools. The reform is directly aimed at turning around failing schools in Youngstown. But some school leaders fear a state takeover will wipe away local control. Under the new plan, once a district receives three [...]

Lawmakers Agree Students Should Spend Fewer Hours on Standardized Tests

COCOEN / FLICKR As lawmakers in Columbus battle to finalize the state budget, the debate over standardized testing continues. But one area where legislators are finding some common ground is agreeing that students spend too much time on the assessments. Ohio’s students currently log roughly 20 hours per year taking the exams, and legislators want [...]

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