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For HBCUs, Boosting Graduation Rates May Affect The Bottom Line


For the more than 100 historically black colleges and universities nationwide, boosting graduation rates can be an uphill climb. The schools commonly referred to as ‘HBCUs’ enroll many low-income, minority students who may not be academically prepared for college. At a discussion at The City Club of Cleveland on Tuesday, a handful of HBCU leaders [...]

Puerto Rican Engineers Mentor Dayton Youth

Jerry Kenney / WYSO At El Puente Tutoring Center in the Twin Towers district in Dayton, students are preparing balloons for an experiment. Their instructor, Edgardo Santiago, is a chemical engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He says the experiment was inspired by a recent post he saw on Facebook that claimed gas from mixing vinegar [...]

As Funding Dries Up, A Rural School District Struggles To Help Latino Kids

Lewis Wallace / WYSO Tecumseh School District, just outside of Springfield, includes the tiny towns of New Carlisle and Medway—and a whole lot of farm fields and two-lane highways. “This is a cow,” says English paraprofessional Liz Toro. She’s giving two little girls at Park Layne Elementary their daily English lesson. “What sound does a [...]

Dayton Groups Work Toward Kindergarten Readiness For Latino Students

Jerry Kenney / WYSO It’s pretty much accepted by education researchers that preschool attendance has positive long term effects—people who go to preschool are more likely to be successful in K-12 education and to adapt socially to being around other kids. Yet, preschool numbers for Latino kids nationally and in Ohio are lower than other [...]

Life Outside The Classroom Can Often Be The Biggest Challenge for Students


Keihen Kitchen / ideastream staff Just five years ago, Keihen Kitchen had a lot on her plate. Her mom was struggling with cancer. The father figure in her life recently passed away. While living in what she calls a poor neighborhood on the west side of Cleveland, life took yet another turn. “I had my [...]

Eighth Graders Told They Can Overcome

Any teacher can tell you that a student’s performance in school begins with his or her home life.  That was the theme of a gathering of disadvantaged students in Cleveland last week. A public broadcasting project called American Graduate is hoping to reduce the number of high school drop-outs.  It invited some 100 8th graders [...]

Cleveland Plan Showing First Signs Of Success, Says Schools CEO Eric Gordon

Cleveland Schools CEO Eric Gordon

Correction: This story originally stated that CEO Gordon did not discuss a bond issue for school construction on the November ballot.  He did indeed discuss it in both his speech and during the Q&A segment.  We regret the error.    Cleveland Schools CEO Eric Gordon called the 2013-2014 school year a “year of disruption that [...]

The Sound Of Ideas: They Chose To Stay In School

“I owe it to myself to stay in school.” —Tyler Watkins, a student at Cleveland’s School of One alternative education program. When David Boone was homeless and 15, he’d sleep on the wooden bleachers in a Cleveland park. And the next day he’d be in school. In a district where dropouts are common, Boone stayed. [...]

Ohio State Joins Alliance To Help More Post-Secondary Students Make It To Graduation

The U.S. will need 22 million graduates by 2018 to fill all the predicted jobs that will require some kind of post-secondary education, but is only on track to graduate 19 million. That statistic comes from the Indianapolis-based Lumina Foundation.  The shortfall, the Lumina study shows, means lost economic potential nationally, and a tougher life [...]

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