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Teachers Deliver Alarming Allegations Against Charter School

The state board of education is launching an investigation into at least one charter school after hearing disturbing testimony from a group of former teachers. Sexual misconduct, racism, teacher intimidation, questionable testing policies, and mishandling of complaints about those claims were among the allegations the teachers brought to a meeting of the state board of [...]

In Akron, A Coding Bootcamp Draws Students Looking For A Career Re-Start

As technology touches more and more aspects of life, and all manner of companies race to design new apps, mobile platforms, anti-hacking systems and the like – one outcome is certain: more tech jobs. Openings for software developers are growing at a far faster rate than most occupations, and the Labor Department says that’s likely [...]

Columbus Schools Going Door-To-Door to Get Kids Into Summer School

Columbus City Schools employees and an army of volunteers are literally going door-to-door this week, to get students who haven’t passed the third grade reading assessment back into school. Despite impressive gains between administration of the state-mandated test in the fall and the spring, over 950 third-grade students failed to make the cut-off score that [...]

Starbucks Offers Baristas A Chance to Earn A Free College Education

Ivana DiCarlo / FLICKR Starbucks’ umbrella of coffee and tea shops offer their employees a handful of perks that are seemingly rare in the world of retail jobs, like stock options, health insurance, 401(k) matching, and free coffee every week. And now there’s one more impressive addition to the list: a free college education, the [...]

Ohio’s Public Schools Will Soon Award Credits For Private Religion Classes

THOTH 188 / FLICKR A bill passed by Ohio lawmakers this week allows school districts to award up to two elective credits for religious instruction. The bill stipulates that no public money can be spent on the instruction and allows parents and school districts to opt out. One of its sponsors, state Rep. Jeff McClain, [...]

The Momentum of Today’s MOOCs

MR_STEIN / FLICKR When Case Western Reserve University business professor Michael Goldberg first heard a university dean use the term “MOOC“, he quickly used a tactic that many people may have used while talking with their own bosses. “I nodded at him, as if I knew what it meant, and quickly Googled it afterwards,” Goldberg [...]

How Charter Schools Are Using Sophisticated Marketing To Lure Students

Ohio charter schools are appealing to students’ and parents’ emotions in their advertising in order to persuade students their school is a better choice than regular public school, according to a story published by the Beacon Journal. Ashley Morris and Brittany Landsberger of TheNewsOutlet.org, a student journalism project, write that charter schools are finding success [...]

Facing Forward: A Student’s Story

“My mother wants me here, even though I don’t want to to be here.” Those are the words straight from the mouth of Tyree Steward, a seventh grader from Cleveland’s E-Prep Charter School. He’s a charismatic young man, but the day-to-day struggles he faces  are beginning to take a toll. Several years ago, cameras followed [...]

Report Fuels Debate About Ohio’s Method For Funding Charter Schools

KRISTIE WELLS / FLICKR A new report adds to the ongoing tension between publically funded, but privately operated charter schools and traditional public schools. Innovation Ohio’s recent analysis shows that half of the money transferred from school districts to charter schools in the 2012-2013 school year went to charters with lower performance ratings on the [...]

Apprenticeships Gain Renewed Attention

A piece of machinery at Bluffton's Grob Systems.

On the shop floor at Grob Systems in Bluffton, Alex Shaw tells me there’s one thing he loves to do. “Farm,” he said. “If I’m not here, I’m on the farm.” But on this recent morning, the soft spoken 20-year-old is operating a CNC machine–CNC stands for “computer numerical control. Over the shop’s constant low [...]

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