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Art Teachers Include Design to Connect Pupils to Their World

As part of the governor’s education agenda, public schools around Ohio are trying to make their curriculum more career-oriented to guide kids towards what he calls “in-demand jobs.” The focus is more on STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – that are the crux of standardized tests. The Ohio Board of Education this [...]

Study Finds Percentage of Minority Teachers at Cleveland Charter Schools Declined

As charter schools in the Cleveland area grew, the racial diversity of its teachers did not match its population. That’s the finding of a new study by the Shanker Institute that looked at Cleveland teacher diversity between 2000 and 2011.  The liberal-leaning education think tank found that the percentage of black teachers at Cleveland charter [...]

ODE Career Advising Policy Requirements Take Affect, Cleveland Schools Prepared


It is the Ohio Department of Education’s goal to have middle school and high school students more focused on careers through their education. The ODE is now requiring all Ohio School Districts to have a career advising policy for students. That requirement began at the start of the current school year. While this policy is [...]

State School Board Members Worry Youngstown Takeover is all about Charters

In one month Ohio House Bill 70 will take effect and the state will take control of Youngstown City Schools. Democrats on the state board of education see the move as another in a series by the Kasich administration to promote charter schools. They wanted answers at this week’s board meeting in Columbus.

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Charter Schools in Operator Case

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled against 10 charter schools that sued their operator over school property that was purchased with state funds. The ruling said that schools are obliged to buy back computers, desks and other equipment that their operator White Hat Management had bought with money it received from the state. In the [...]

Early Start to School Year May Benefit Testing

School started today for students in Cincinnati and Cleveland public schools. Dayton Public Schools opened last Thursday. Canton schools are back in session later this week and Akron, Toledo and Columbus City Schools will start next week. It seems like an early start, but that may be helpful when testing starts in the spring.

Partnership for Urban Health Aims to Serve Medical Needs of Poor

The Cleveland Foundation today (Thurs) announced its donation of five and a half million dollars to a collaborative effort between Cleveland State University and the Northeast Ohio Medical University. Officials called the Partnership for Urban Health a model for the nation. Patients from around the globe have been known to journey to Northeast Ohio for [...]

How Ohio School Choice Moved from Vouchers to Charters

The state legislature this spring has been updating rules for how charter schools operate in Ohio. It’s the latest in the evolution of charters here. The legislature has been tweaking the rules and regulations on charters every year or two since they began here in 1997. The first proposal for charter schools goes back 40 years [...]

Study Says Ohio Pupils Not Hurt by Switching Schools

A new study has found that closing schools in Ohio can be a good thing. A report from the non-profit Thomas B. Fordham Institute finds students generally do better in math and reading when they move to new schools. Investigators from Ohio State and the University of Oklahoma followed some 23,000 students in Ohio’s 8 [...]

A “Brain-Based” Curriculum for Kids in Poverty

Earlier this year, an analysis of federal data found that for the first time in at least 50 years more than half of the public school children in America are living in poverty. In Ohio, the number is only 39 percent, but it still concerns school officials here who know that poor kids come to [...]

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