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New Funding Model Starts for Community Colleges

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Jeff Kubina / Flickr

Starting today, the way community colleges in Ohio earn the money they get from the state has changed.

While the shake-up might sound challenging, school leaders are on board.

The new formula ties state funding to student achievement.

Funding used to be based on enrollment, but it’s now based on milestones such as when a student completes a course or earns a degree.

Jack Hershey is president of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges. He said this new structure encourages student growth, which translates into a stronger workforce.

Hershey adds that Ohio stands out when it comes to the way the formula was created.

“No state is doing what Ohio has done,” Hershey said, “which is to turn it over to the presidents and ask them to solve the problem, because I think the governor realizes that these presidents know their institutions. They’re very smart people, they’re effective leaders for their campuses.”

This funding model is already in place at Ohio’s public colleges and universities.



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