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Twelve Percent of Ohio Third Graders Aren’t Ready For Fourth Grade

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Eighty-eight percent of Ohio kids who took the third grade reading guarantee test passed it, compared to about 63 percent who passed the test last fall.

That means 12 percent of the state’s 110,000 third graders haven’t achieved the reading score they needed to move on to fourth grade.

John Charlton with the state department of education says that test in October was a wake-up call for many districts.

“One of the things we’re very pleased with across the state is that so many districts, so many superintendents, so many educators, parents, worked hard to implement programs,” Charlton said.

“Once students were identified as struggling with reading they implemented programs to help these students become better readers.  We’re seeing some of the results of that,” he said.

Kids who failed the test have two more opportunities to retake it this summer, and they can still be promoted during the school year if they get the required score.

Overall, charter school students performed worse than the third graders in traditional public school did.

The worst performing public district in the state is Warrensville Heights in Cuyahoga County, with a little over 61% passing the test.

The lowest score among the big eight urban districts was the 63% logged in the Cleveland Municipal Schools. Cincinnati scored the best of the big eight, with nearly 82 percent of kids passing.


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