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Majority of School Tax Renewals Passed During This Year’s Primary Election

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Collectively, nearly 150 school tax issues from more than 130 school districts popped up on ballots across Ohio during this year’s primary election.

Earlier this week, Ohio School Board Association’s Damon Asbury told StateImpact Ohio how he thought this year’s tax issues might fare. He estimated less than half of the state’s new money requests would be approved, while up to 90 percent of the renewals would pass.

And according to our unofficial results early Wednesday morning, those numbers were just about right on target.

Roughly 91 percent of tax renewals passed, and close to 39 percent of new money requests passed.

And as our unofficial returns note, this election seems to resemble the results of Ohio’s last springtime primary, where a little more than 42 percent of new money requests were approved, along with about 90 percent of renewals.

Take a look at our statewide database and see how the tax issues played out in your district.

Show rows.
School District
School Issue
AllenAllen East Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
AllenBluffton Exempted Village School DistLevyRenewalPassed
AllenDelphos City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
AllenDelphos City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
AllenPerry Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
AthensTrimble Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
AthensAthens City School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
AuglaizeSt. Marys City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
AuglaizeNew Bremen Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
BelmontBellaire Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
BelmontUnion Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalFailed
BrownRipley Union Lewis Huntington LSDvgy AdditionalFailed
ButlerMiddletown City School DistrictComboAdditionalPassed
ButlerFairfield City School DistrictComboAdditionalPassed
ChampaignMechanicsburg Ex Village School DistLevyRenewalFailed
ChampaignTriad Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalFailed
ClarkGreenon Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
ClarkTecumseh Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ClarkTecumseh Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ClarkClark-Shawnee Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
ClintonEast Clinton Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ColumbianaBeaver Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ColumbianaUnited Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ColumbianaWellsville Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
CoshoctonCoshocton Co. Jt Vocational Sch DistLevyAdditionalFailed
CrawfordColonel Crawford Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
Cuyahoga North Royalton City School DistrictBondN/AFailed
Cuyahoga Olmsted Falls City School DistrictBondN/AFailed
Cuyahoga Brooklyn City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
Cuyahoga Parma City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
Cuyahoga Shaker Heights City School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
DarkeGreenville City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
DefianceAyersville Local School DistrictComboAdditionalFailed
DefianceDefiance City School DistrictBondN/APassed
EriePerkins Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
ErieSandusky City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
FairfieldWalnut Twp Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
FairfieldBerne Union Local School DistrictIncome TaxReplacementPassed
FairfieldLiberty Union Thurston Local Sch DistIncome TaxRenewalFailed
FranklinGroveport Madison Local School DistComboAdditionalFailed
FranklinCanal Winchester Local School Dist.LevySubstituteFailed
FultonPike Delta York Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
FultonSwanton Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
GeaugaNewbury Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
GreeneGreeneview Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalFailed
HamiltonLoveland City School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
HancockVan Buren Local School DistrictBondN/AFailed
HancockFindlay City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
HancockArcadia Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
HancockMcComb Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
HardinAda Exempted Village School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
HenryLiberty Center Local School DistrictComboAdditionalPassed
HenryPatrick Henry Local School DistrictLevyReplacementPassed
HuronNorwalk City School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
HuronWillard City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
JeffersonEdison Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
JeffersonJefferson Co Jt Vocational School Dist.LevyRenewalPassed
KnoxDanville Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
LakeKirtland Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
LakeMadison Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
LakeRiverside Local School DistrictLevySubstitutePassed
LickingSouthwest Licking Local School Dist.BondN/AFailed
LickingJohnstown-Monroe Local School Dist.ComboAdditionalPassed
LickingGranville Ex Village School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
LickingNorthridge Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
LoganIndian Lake Local School DistrictLevyRenewalFailed
LoganWest Liberty-Salem Local School Dist.LevyRenewalPassed
LorainElyria City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
LorainKeystone Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
LorainSheffield/Sheffield Lake CSDLevyRenewalPassed
LorainSheffield/Sheffield Lake CSDLevyRenewalPassed
LorainWellington Ex Village School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
LucasSylvania City School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
MadisonMadison-Plains Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MadisonJefferson Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalPassed
MadisonJonathan Alder Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalPassed
MahoningAustintown Local School DistrictBondN/AFailed
MahoningBoardman Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MahoningBoardman Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MahoningPoland Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MahoningSpringfield Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalFailed
MahoningWest Branch Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalFailed
MarionRidgedale Local School DistrictComboAdditional
MarionPleasant Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
MarionRiver Valley Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
MarionTri-Rivers Jt Vocational School DistrictLevyRenewal
MarionTri-Rivers Jt Vocational School DistrictLevyReplacement
MedinaCloverleaf Local School DistrictComboAdditionalPassed
MedinaBrunswick City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MercerParkway Local School DistrictLevyRenewal
MercerSt. Henry Consolidated LSDLevyRenewal
MiamiBethel Local School DistrictBondN/APassed
MiamiPiqua City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MiamiTipp City Ex Village School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
MontgomeryBrookville Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
MorrowMt. Gilead Ex Village School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalFailed
MuskingumFranklin Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
MuskingumZanesville City School DistrictLevyRenewalFailed
OttawaDanbury Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
OttawaGenoa Area Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
PerrySouthern Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
PickawayLogan Elm Local School DistrictComboAdditionalPassed
PortageAurora City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
PortageField Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
PortageRavenna City School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
PortageRootstown Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
PortageSoutheast Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
PrebleNational Trail Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
PrebleTri-County North Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalPassed
RichlandLexington Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
RossUnion-Scioto Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalPassed
SenecaBettsville Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
SenecaHopewell-Loudon Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
SenecaTiffin City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
SenecaMohawk Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewal
ShelbyBotkins Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ShelbyRussia Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ShelbySidney City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
ShelbyFort Loramie Local School DistrictIncome TaxAdditionalPassed
StarkFairless Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
StarkJackson Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
StarkOsnaburg Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
StarkNorthwest Local School DistrictIncome TaxRenewalFailed
SummitGreen Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
SummitManchester Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
SummitMogadore Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
SummitWoodridge Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
TrumbullMathews Local School DistrictComboAdditionalFailed
TrumbullBristol Local School DistrictLevyRenewalFailed
TrumbullHowland Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
TrumbullLakeview Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
TrumbullLiberty Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
TrumbullLiberty Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
TrumbullSouthington Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
TuscarawasDover City School DistrictComboAdditionalFailed
TuscarawasClaymont City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
TuscarawasNew Philadelphia City School DistrictLevyAdditionalFailed
TuscarawasTuscarawas Valley Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
UnionNorth Union Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
WarrenFranklin Local School DistrictLevyAdditionalPassed
WashingtonBelpre City School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
WashingtonWarren Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
WayneRittman Exempted Village School DistLevyRenewalPassed
WayneTriway Local School DistrictLevyRenewalPassed
WilliamsNorth Central Local School DistrictBondN/APassed
WilliamsMillcreek West Unity Local School Dist LevyAdditionalPassed
WoodNorthwood Local School DistrictComboAdditionalPassed
WyandotCarey Exempted Village School Dist.Income TaxRenewal



Source: Ohio Secretary of State’s Office, county board of election offices

Note: Some school districts are located in more than one county. The “county” column indicates the most populous county that includes a given school district.




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