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The Sound of Ideas: Common Core Update

appleOhio’s almost at a full, statewide launch of the Common Core, a new set of learning expectations for what K-12 should know in math and English.

Beginning in fall 2014, new standardized tests will roll out that are aligned to the new set of standards.

But there’s still some contention, apprehension, and competing ideas about the Common Core– in fact, Indiana officially put their implementation of Common Core  on pause last month.

Earlier today, WCPN’s daily call-in talk show The Sound of Ideas took a deeper look at where Ohio is currently standing on the Common Core.

Guests included the Fordham Institute’s Chad Aldis, Rep. Andy Thompson, a Republican from Marietta who introduced an anti-Common Core bill last year,  Terrance O. Moore from Hillsdale College, and StateImpact’s own Amy Hansen.

You can listen to the full show here.


  • BevP

    Thank you Andy Thompson for all you’ve done to eradicate Common Core! A lot of damage will be done and people won’t realize until it’s too late if we don’t “just say no to common core”.. It will change the very fabric of who we are and this is the beginning to the end of AMERICA as we know it! I believe they are dumbing our children down and other bad things will follow. (Agenda 21 is alive and well) Hope OHIO can get out of this mess! Thank you~

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