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Ohio’s Near The Bottom in Ranking of Ethnic Achievement Gaps



A new report lists Ohio and other Midwestern states as some of the worst in the nation when it comes to the achievement gap between white and Asian students and their African-American and Latino peers.

The Race for Results report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation used an index based on 12 factors including math and English scores, teen pregnancy rates, and employment prospects.

It says the scores for Latino, African American, and American Indian are “distressingly lower” in nearly every state, especially Ohio and other Midwestern states, as well as the Deep South.

The foundation’s president says the report is a call to action to invest in urban schools, overhauling the criminal justice system, and workforce training for children of color beginning at a younger age.

And as the Columbus Dispatch points out, children of color will make up more than half of all American children by 2018.


  • Mark J. Slutz

    This doesn’t surprise me. The state refuses to put any money into urban schools. I teach in an Ohio School Facilities Commission building in Akron, and the building is in no way adequate to address the needs of our students. The rooms are tiny, the building is grossly overcrowded, and the design actually inhibits learning. The state would rather pour money into the Beachwoods and Oranges and Reveres, then point their fingers at the urban districts, and claim we are not doing our jobs.

  • Truth to Power

    Why do people think money can fix a cultural problem. The urban schools are beset by violence and disruption and disrespect for authority. There is a culture that doesn’t value or respect education and looks askance at those who do. The main reason that some schools succeed is that they have parents who are involved and invested in their child’s education. These parents discipline their children and don’t make excuses for bad behavior. Money alone can never fix this problem. America lags behind the world in education in most areas due to the fact that we have tolerated the dumbing down of education at almost all levels. Tests are declared discriminatory even when all students have access to the same education.

    In the end, to borrow a phrase, minorities, heal thy selves.

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