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Will Ohio Join Indiana in Leaving the Common Core?

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Last year, Republican State Rep. Andy Thompson of Marietta introduced House Bill 237 that would stop Ohio from implementing the new set of learning expectations for K-12 students in math and English known as the Common Core.

And after learning of Indiana’s decision to drop the standards, Thompson questions whether the move goes far enough, especially with critics saying the state’s future standards may end up being too similar to the current Common Core plans.

“Is Indiana getting out of jail in this case or are they just rearranging their jail cell,” he said.

As for here in Ohio, Thompson’s not giving up hope on his anti-Common Core bill, and says there are still people who also want the state to ditch the standards within the near future.

“At the grassroots level I think there might be a revolt of other people, conservatives and liberals, to say that this isn’t the way we want education to go,” Thompson said.

But one of the Common Core’s fans isn’t quite jumping on that same train of thought.

The Fordham Institute’s Research and Data Analyst Aaron Churchill says there’s been strong continued support for the Common Core in the Buckeye State, from legislators in both the House and the Senate, along with the Board of Education and the Department of Education.

So he’s not convinced that Indiana’s exit from the Common Core Initiative will have a lot of influence.

“I don’t know how much Indiana has to do with Ohio,” he said. “It’s a separate state. Obviously Ohio is sovereign over its own public education system and can do as it generally pleases in terms of standards and accountability.”

Thompson’s anti-Common Core bill has had two hearings, and has yet to be passed out of the education committee.

Committee chairman Gerald Stebelton is a supporter of the Common Core, which may make it unlikely that the bill will make it to a house vote.


  • concerned teacher

    If Indiana or any other state chooses to refuse theCCSS, what do they have in mind for their teachers to use and curriculum to replace that framework?? School is out in a few months, and it is a litttle too fast to expect new framework by fall…..What would be different? If Ohio opts out, same questions. Why should we jump on a reacationary bandwagon before all the information is in? Another very important question, have any of the legislators, complainers, or rabble-rousers even read all the way through the standards? I am not in favor of the idea of national standards that are attached to high stakes tests and the money made on the backs of children by large testing companies Also, they were not written by educators, nor were they field-tested enough. Think about it….

    • Tonia Addison-Hall

      Yes, we have read through it. It is despicable and makes math more complicated than it has to be. Wow, you are ignorant yet still post an opinion??

      • GrrBee

        Concerned brings good points to the table, while you mindlessly babble a little and insult his intelligence. Yup you’re living proof ignorance does not preclude an opinion. Sad isn’t it?

      • duckmonkeyman

        You are right. It is poorly written and untested. Since common core and the related PARCC tests aren’t even in place, I would suggest teachers use the curriculum now in place. Math has been around for a couple thousand years so it isn’t to difficult to let teachers and districts design their own curriculum with parents. Common Core is a national curriculum and stifles innovation and free thought. The sooner it is gone along with the obsession with testing the better,

      • chris

        They want kids to use their logic instead of mechanical memorized methods we were taught as kids. I understand their reasoning and if it helps our students test well internationally, then I am ok with new methods.

        • BevP

          Chris are you aware of the TOTAL curriculum? The invasion of our privacy & the 2nd graders learning sex-ed with inappropriate cartoon illustrations? Also, they can wire your child up to see their responses to inappropriate questions? I was livid when I found all this out. I watched Common Core: The dangers and threats. PEOPLE NEED TO READ UP ON ALL THIS! PLEASE watch this and it gives great info. (and watch it all for ALL info) I was appalled and sadly disappointed in what this country is coming to. PLEASE REPEAL THIS FOR OUR CHILDREN AND FUTURE GENERATIONS!

        • Trish in Ohio

          Chris, It isn’t really using logic. It’s subscribing every child to think in certain manners. For example, a child isn’t supposed to develop a response to 22 + 22 on their own. They are supposed to show and explain that they are adding 10 plus 10 plus 2 and then 10 plus 10 plus 2 again, using an elaborate system of “number sticks”. Look at the information. Read it. I have and if a child comes up with the correct answer to 22 + 22 on their own, but doesn’t use common core methodology to get there by drawing out elaborate pictures, then the child is checked wrong for his or her answer.

        • Tonia Addison-Hall

          That’s what they’re TELLING you, but it’s bull. I saw the stuff myself and it’s complete garbage.

      • Ted Sauder

        Tonia you are way off base here. You should seriously read the standards.

        • BevP

          Tonia is right and you are way off base. You need to watch the movie on youtube…Common Core: The threats and Dangers of Liberty. Bad idea for our children.

          • chris

            You can find videos and arguments for both sides and I don’t see huge issue in Logic. 1 state drops out compared to 38 states who are going with it.

          • Ted Sauder

            The Common Core is a set of things children should know in school. It doesn’t include individual lessons or force teaching styles. I’m most familiar with HS Math, because that’s what I teach. People who claim government takeover are insane. There is no law that says states must adopt ANY particular curriculum. Race to the Top encourages a more challenging curriculum and states are free to choose which curriculum they want to use or develop. The Math in Ohio portion really didn’t change that much and in-fact I think its better. May not be the case for all states, but I support it for Ohio. Testing is another issue …

          • Tonia Addison-Hall

            If you really are a teacher then you are either extremely ignorant or an outright liar.

        • Tonia Addison-Hall

          NO, I am NOT off-base.

  • Brat Wingz

    Just one question: What ever happened to the simplistic ABCs and 123s? Those are what we use in our daily lives.

  • FC White

    As a parent of a child that has been forced to accept these vile Common Core standards, I’ve watched my fourth grader go from a boy who loved math and did it very well to a child that is lost and slipping further. When I went in to see his teacher about it, he admitted that my son was good at math, but “the Common Core math texts dictate what I do as a teacher. I am not allowed to use my own best judgement or deal with one student differently from another. It’s ultra micro management that has tied my hands.”

    I’m ready to explode from anger over all of this. We were NEVER consulted about any of this. Who were these “27 businessmen” who signed off on this and why did the only two educators, one for math and one for English, refuse to sign off on Common Core.

    We HAVE to dump Common Core if for nothing more than just to show these elitists that they can’t get away with this mendacious, abhorrent scam through lies and deceptions, just to position their good buddies for mega profits, at our expense.

    Kill it. Kill the beast called Common Core—or any “alternatives” that even smell anything similar. And boy, does it smell.

    Because if we don’t kill IT first—Common Core will surely snuff the life out of all of us and our children’s future.

    • BevP

      Well said FC White! I totally agree!

    • Ted Sauder

      I hate to say it, but you’re in a bad school district. The Common Core shouldn’t have changed that teacher’s style one bit. Read the standards. http://www.corestandards.org/Math/Content/4/introduction/
      Where does it say “Teach the kids like a robot”? Where does it say “Ignore your instincts as a professional” or “Forget all of your schooling and training about differentiation”?
      If you can read the standards and say you’re in a good district, then I think you’re posting this with a political agenda and don’t really care about kids. Unfortunately I’ve seen that a lot when it comes to CCSS.

      • FC White

        Duh. As if someone anywhere would ever write the words, “Please teach your kids as if you were a robot!” Or, “Ignore your instincts as a professional and forget all of your schooling and training prior to this!”

        You don’t understand “subtle” or “subtext” or “clear implication” very well. Isn’t that right?

        And, FYI, no totalitarian state ever publicly said, “And we have a policy of avoiding the courts and the whole time wasting thing with formal charges and trials and reporters and so forth. We prefer to snatch them in the middle of the night, gag and tie them, and bring them somewhere where we can then easily eliminate the body so that it can’t ever be found again.”

        And, how dare you say I “don’t care about the kids?” You don’t even know me!

        However, I do have a “Political Agenda”. My “PA” is whatever is in the best interest of the children at my neighborhood school. Okay?

        My district is excellent, thank you. And our school won a Federal Blue Ribbon Award in 2011. Please keep you ignorant, uninformed speculation to yourself. Is that too much to ask?

        Who is paying you to post here, shill? The Common Core was created by private businesses and funded by billionaires who have a LOT of cash with which they can pay people like you to post crap up here in a vain effort to save this failed experiment with our children.

        You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Just for the record. Tell you funders that they’re wasting their money because nobody is buying what you’re selling.

        • Ted Sauder

          Keep believing your conspiracy theories. I can’t take you seriously anymore if you really think I’m being paid by a political group. It’s a serious situation and there are serious concerns, but you hate it for the wrong reasons. You just don’t seem very educated about the actual standards and more interested in stirring up political BS.

  • cld9

    I think we’re all for higher standards. That shouldn’t even be a question. Common Core does not allow for different learning styles of children. That alone is bad enough. It is developmentally age inappropriate. Ask any child development expert to study the standards and they’ll have it tore apart in no time.

    • Ep

      This is it exactly!!

  • BevP

    Please REPEAL the Common Core! It goes against everything we believe in. This is the beginning of the end of this great land as we know it. PLEASE PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND THE GENERATIONS THAT FOLLOWS. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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