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Kasich Tacks on New Education Plans In Budget Review Process



In his state of the state speech last month, Ohio Governor John Kasich said he wants to make a number of changes to education:

Develop a plan to keep students from dropping out. Create a community connectors program that integrates mentors and other social services into school districts. Allow middle schoolers to enroll in vocational education.

Kasich reiterated each of those ideas in his mid-biennium budget review released Tuesday.

The state budget review is still more of a laundry list of ideal goals than actual policy prescriptions.  It does not include details about how much each effort might cost, where the funding will come from, or when the majority of them will become reality.

But Kasich did give a few more details, and he added a few ideas to the list.

Among the new items:

  • Improve the college credit dual enrollment program: Kasich wants to give more diverse students access to the college credits, and change up the way the program is funded.
  • Align funding for Ohio’s technical centers: Just as colleges will now receive their funding based on the number of students who complete degrees rather than the number who enroll, technical centers will be held accountable for the number of students who find jobs once they finish.
  • Boost access to distance learning: The idea is to create a network that allows colleges to share distance learning programs to disseminate them to a bigger audience, potentially including students in other states.
  • Better retain international students: Kasich suggests creating a liaison of sorts who will recruit more international students and encourage them to stay in Ohio after they graduate.
  • Help veterans transition to college: Veterans and active military members could receive priority course enrollment at Ohio’s public colleges and universities.





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