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Kasich’s State of the State May Have Missed Some Big Education Points


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A major portion of Governor John Kasich’s State of the State speech focused on education.

And despite Kasich outlining some ideas about how to keep kids from dropping out of school and gaining access to college, the president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers says the governor still may have missed some pretty big points.

“What concerns me the most is what was not said,” Cropper explained.  “And that’s not addressing existing problems that are in the system, and what we’re going to do about those. There’s some great ideas for community connectors, dealing with dropouts, making career connections, those all have potential, but let’s look at those existing problems we already have in our system and how we are going to deal with those.”

And Cropper says some of those problems include the implementation of a new set of learning expectations known as the Common Core.

Kasich also didn’t talk about the Ohio Teachers Evaluation System or anything related to the state’s charter schools.

All of those issues have sparked controversy in recent years.

Without any mention of progress in those areas, Cropper’s left wanting a little more.

“I need to hear a little about what kind of changes we are going to make in this current system that we have that are going to allow these innovative ideas to take place,” she said. “Because we can’t keep dumping more and more on.”

As for the time frame regarding these new education initiatives, Kasich mentioned he’ll roll out the details within the next few weeks.


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