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Kasich Comment on Deregulating Schools Brings Education Issues into Governor’s Race


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In a recent appearance at the Ohio Newspaper Association in Columbus, Governor John Kasich briefly mentioned the idea of bringing deregulation to Ohio schools.

“I’ve talked to Dick Ross about the need to bring about some deregulation,” Kasich said.

“If we have deregulation in some way of rules that are connected to business, we can figure out how to bring more common sense to the rules and more trust to people who are in our local communities running our schools,” he said.

Kasich didn’t elaborate on what he meant by that, nor did his communications staff, or those of the state superintendent Dick Ross, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

But Karen Kasler with the Statehouse News Bureau reports the comment has become fodor in the upcoming governor’s race, and has brought to the forefront some of the ways the two candidates disagree on education issues.

Ed FitzGerald, the Cuyhoga County executive and Democratic challenger to Kasich, says he thinks Kasich is making the case for expanding more charter schools.

“I think what’s clear is that he’s shown a preference for for-profit charter schools. They’ve been the only big winners,” FitzGerald said in an interview with Kasler.

Governor Kasich has said in the past that he is a big proponent of school choice, and the idea that competition will push public schools to improve.

FitzGerald did not elaborate for Kasler where exactly he stands when it comes to charter schools and school choice.  But he did take a jab at the way the Kasich administration has funded—and made cuts to—public education over his four years in office.

FitzGerald also didn’t go into detail about how he would fund education differently than the Kasich administration, but he did say that if Kasich wanted to improve public education he would give schools and teachers the resources that they need.


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