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More Than 31,000 Ohio Students Receive Private-School Vouchers

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More Ohioans are opting to use school vouchers to send their children to private K-12 schools.

The Ohio Department of Education reports more than 31,000 Ohio students are using a voucher to attend a private school in the Buckeye State. That’s at least 4,600 more vouchers than were used last year.

And advocates for voucher schools are excited, saying it’s the biggest usage jump in the history of Ohio school vouchers.

The Ohio legislature has recently allowed for more vouchers to be used statewide. If Ohio’s voucher students were in one actual school district, it would be Ohio’s fourth largest.

Opponents of voucher schools note the state has spent more than $1.4 billion on these schools since 2005. And the public school advocates say 90 percent of these schools perform worse than public schools.


  • johncunningham

    This item sets a new low in craptastic journalism, in that it appears to be merely a printing of a press release. for example, in most states spending on vouchers is offset by cuts in payments to public schools. when 100 kids leave failing schools to get vouchers, the school district gets reduced stte funding. is that the case in Ohio? if so, the $1.4 billion is partially or wholly offset,. the story credulously quotes “public school advocates” [school bureaucrats and union thugs] without examination. do 90% of voucher schools perform worse than EVERY public school? highly unlikely. how about doing a little “journalism” as in examining all the facts??

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