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Sen. Sherrod Brown Pushes Ohio Epinephrine Autoinjector Legislation

Sen. Sherrod Brown

U.S. Senate

Sen. Sherrod Brown

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has been promoting a newly-passed federal law to protect kids with allergies. And Brown is urging passage of a state law in Ohio that would make the allergy drug epinephrine, usually called the EpiPen, widely available in schools.

Quick refresher: EpiPens are little injectors that interrupt anaphylactic shock.

One concern about having EpiPens in all schools is that not every school has a nurse to administer them.

The federal law signed by President Obama in November offers grant money to states that require EpiPens and trained personnel in schools.

Brown says that policy is an easy lifesaver.

“This is in no way alarmist,” he says. “This isn’t a public health disaster. This is simply something we know how to prevent, we know how to deal with.”

A bill has already passed the Ohio House that would allow schools to have the pens even if they don’t have a student with a known allergy.

Brown is pushing for the passage of that bill, and for further legislation that would give Ohio access to the federal funds.


  • Roy Johnson

    Another waste of tax payer money. I have to carry at least two at all times for myself out of my pocket. I thought Obamacare covered this. Benedryl will work short term for an emergency.

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