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Ashland University Cuts Tuition by $10,000


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Officials at Ashland University hope to address the concerns of sticker shocked parents by reducing the cost of tuition by about $10,000.

Tuition for the 2014-2015 school year was estimated to be $30,604 but following a “reset” in the university’s cost structure, tuition will be $18,908. Room and board fees will cost the same.

From a press release announcing the change:

“Over the past decade everyone in higher education has danced around the subject of the rising cost of college. Yet few have been willing to tackle the issue and the complications involved,” said AU President Dr. Fred Finks. “Ashland University knows the importance of positioning ourselves to meet the rising demand for quality education at an affordable price. We have decided now is the time to act.”

Finks called the decision a “bold step,” but noted that “our research is showing us that many prospective students and their parents are deterred by ‘sticker shock’ and not looking at the actual cost to attend Ashland University once financial aid is applied.”

The press release notes officials have been studying and researching a way to reduce the cost of tuition for two years.

Room and board will continue to cost $9,502, bringing the total charges for 2014-15 to $29,354.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the total cost after financial aid is expected to stay about the same or drop slightly.


  • FooMe NoMo

    Ashland is dropping the tuition by $10K (37%), BUT it failed to tell you that it is also dropping its top academic scholarship by more than $10K or 70%! The end result for these “smart” students? NO CHANGE!

    Students who received the top academic scholarship ($15K/yr) received a letter from Ashland on August 26th that their $15K is now worth only $4.4K!

    So how does the $10K really impact the student’s cost to go to Ashland? It depends on the student.

    For 4 years of college at Ashland with the lower tuition:
    * Rich (no financial aid), not so bright (no academic scholarship) students = $40K
    * Rich (no fin aid), but bright (academic schol) students = $0
    * Poor (fin aid), not so bright students = $0 (fin aid will adjust to cost)
    * Poor (fin aid), but bright students = $0

    Therefore, the $10K reduction in tuition only impacts the rich but not so bright students, which makes up only around 2% of the students at Ashland!

  • angry

    They are able to cut their tuiition but they CUT the mens soccer team because of FINANCIAL reasons. Sounds like someone was lying!

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