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Gongwer: Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Revamp Ohio School Funding Yet Again

The state budget enacted earlier this year introduced a new way of distributing state money among Ohio’s public schools.

Now state Rep. Andy Brenner, vice chair of the House Education Committee, has introduced a bill that would change things yet again.

Gongwer News Service reports:

The new approach would work to the benefit of those districts that have seen increases in enrollment but no substantial uptick in state support. Systems with declining enrollment have generally been insulated in state funding formulas by being flat funded through the “guarantee.”

“What I would like to do for those districts with declining enrollment, eventually we go to a system where the funding is guaranteed to the student,” Rep. [Andy] Brenner said in an interview. “So if you’re in a district that has shrunk substantially, you’re going to eventually receive less funding from the state of Ohio and the guarantee will go away.


  • Eric Baumann

    It is amazing that the state has nothing else to do but focus on education. Kasich really was angry that the educators of this state did not want him here. So much that he has done little else but go after them. I hope the next governor will keep some of these changes but bring some civility and discussion to the table. Having a dictator at the helm has helped no one but those who are lining their pockets with the hard earned money of Ohio citizens.

  • Michelle LaRowe

    So this is in keeping with the Republican political agenda of shutting down as many public schools as possible in order to dismantle the teachers union (currently the strongest union in the state of OH).
    Florida now has a high school dropout rate of 29% and they have had this same law in place since 2002.
    If we want to see our public schools go completely down the tubes as well as our middle class fade away this is the route to get there.

    • Robbie Robinson

      Sorry, but the “it is all about the children” wave has hit the beach and is a shallow excuse for the windfall retirement plan teachers receive.

  • Wake up!

    Amazingly off topic comments up to this point!

  • Wake up!

    Allocate our state dollars based on current district enrollment instead of past district enrollment?!?! How dare he suggest such a ludicrous idea?!?! He must hate educators. . News alert… His idea makes sense to logical people.

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