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Columbus Mayor Says Schools Have “Failed” And Voters Should Approve New Levy

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

The Columbus school district’s levy campaign kicked off with a television ad in which Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says the Columbus schools have “failed us.”

In the ad, Coleman goes on to say, “Quality edition should not depend on the color of a child’s skin, how much money their parents make or the neighborhood they live in.”

WOSU’s Mike Thompson reports:

The ads promise a new direction for the school district by touting a plan developed by the mayor’s education commission. The campaign website notes that people involved in the data rigging scandal “have retired, been reassigned or relieved of their duties.”

Supporters also tout a new independent auditor who will serve as a “watchdog” over the Columbus City Schools.

The mayor’s education commission, branded Reimagine Columbus Education, has morphed into the campaign committee charged with trying to pass the levy on November’s ballot.

The 9.01-mill property-tax question will go before Columbus voters this fall. Eleven percent of the levy’s proceeds would go to charter schools.

If approved, the levy would add about $315 per year per $100,000 of residential property value, a 23.5 percent increase, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

In comparison, last fall Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson campaigned for a 15-mill levy. Voters approved that levy, voting to increase school district property taxes by 50 percent.



  • Cookiegirl

    If this passes I shall sell my house and leave Columbus. I refused to reward a corrupt and bloated school system. The problem with Columbus schools is not lack of money, it is lack of good parents. Money will NEVER fix that problem. My taxes are already higher per square foot than the taxes in Upper Arlington.

  • Criminals

    Cookie Girl the problem isn’t parents it’s the schools, re-read the article as it clearly points most of the problems on the officials. As far as children go, they have nothing to do with the schools money or how it gets spent, most of which usually ends up in the pockets of school officials. ijs

  • Concern

    It’s true that Columbus City has made some mistakes. It should be held accountable. Nonetheless, It reminds me of the issues impacting the Atlanta City Schools & Michigan & Philly. Urban education is under attack especially states that have Republican governors. The Columbus Chamber of Commerce has never supported CCS. This levy will fund So Call Community Schools which are no difference than Charter Schools. This is a stealthy way of diverting money to fund non traditional public schools. There are #2 ways to shut down public schools,1. shut down the funding source 2. Create So Call Community Schools that will divert money from CCS which will eventually close down CCS. This is a political scheme that all parents should be careful to endorse. The KiPP School is already positioning themselves in the minority community buy building on the former Bridgeview Golf Course. I support CCS, however I don’t support this levy the way it will be presented to the voters. CCS should be held accountable, however, assigning an independent auditor ( State auditors have been investigating CCS) and taking money from CCS will significantly reduce the operations. By the way, the press attempted to bury the Superintendent in Atlanta, however she was found NOT GUILTY.

  • haban bodan

    he sucks

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