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Viewpoint: Common Core Pushes Schools in the Wrong Direction

University of Oregon Professor Yong Zhao

University of Oregon

University of Oregon Professor Yong Zhao

The Common Core pushes Ohio schools in the wrong direction, University of Oregon education professor Yong Zhao says.

Zhao says the Common Core, a new set of standards that outline what students should know and be able to do in math and English, will bring more standardization and testing to schools.

Zhao will speak at Cleveland State University this month and to the Ohio School Boards Association in the fall.

The Common Core may, in some ways, be better than Ohio’s current standards, he says.

But it continues to emphasize what he says is a too-narrow set of skills:

“My opposition is not so much about the new standards or the new test. I’m just saying overall this country is moving towards the wrong direction even further with the new standards and new tests,” Zhao says.

“American education needs to take a completely new direction towards personalization, towards project or product-oriented learning, towards adding more global competency to our students,” he says.

“Instead, now we’re spending a lot of financial resources and political assets pushing ourselves towards becoming more standardized and [doing] more testing.”


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