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Special Election Results Show One Third of School Levies Approved

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Local voters approved six of 19 school tax issues on the ballot in yesterday’s special election, unofficial election results gathered by the Ohio School Boards Association show.

That approval rate of 32 percent is similar to the results from last August’s special election. About 31 percent of school tax issues passed in the August 2012 special election.

[Click here for Aug. 6, 2013 election results.]

And, also in line with past trends, renewal levies fared better than levies asking voters to approve new taxes.

In yesterday’s election, 20 percent of the 15 new school tax issues were approved and 75 percent of the four renewal school tax issues were approved, according to the school boards association’s tally.

But school districts may have a harder time convincing voters to approve tax issues this fall.

That’s because the state budget approved earlier this summer removed a state subsidy for local school levies. The state used to pick up 12.5 percent of the cost of new or replacement levies from its general fund.

Levies approved in November 2013 elections and future elections will no longer be subject to that state subsidy.

Lawmakers who eliminated the state subsidy say doing so makes the full cost of local levies more transparent to taxpayers.

But Ohio School Boards Association Executive Director Richard Lewis thinks it may make it harder for districts to sell voters on approving levies:

“In many Ohio communities, local taxpayers already provide the majority of the funding for their schools — and now they will have to pay more for new levies. We worry this could be a deal-breaker for new levies during a time when school district budgets are already stretched thin.”

Unofficial August 2013 Special Election Results

District County Type of Issue New or Renewal? Result
Brooklyn City Cuyahoga Operating Expense Renewal Failed
Brown Local Carroll Building and Improvements New Passed
Clark-Shawnee Local Clark Operating New Failed
Cloverleaf Local Medina Emergency Operating Renewal Passed
Cloverleaf Local Medina Emergency Operating New Failed
East Guernsey Local Guernsey Emergency Operating New Failed
Field Local Portage Current Operating Expense and Permanent Improvements New Failed
Franklin City Warren Current Expense New Failed
Galion Local Crawford Current Expense and Improvements New Failed
Greenville City Darke Building and Improvements New Passed
Huber Heights City Montgomery Current Operating Expense New Failed
Lebanon City Warren Permanent Improvement Renewal Passed
Northeastern Local Clark Current Expenses New Failed
Orrville City Wayne Operating Deficit Renewal Passed
Perkins Local Erie Emergency Operating New Failed
Sidney City Shelby Current Expense New Failed
Swanton Local Fulton Building and Improvement New Failed
Tecumseh Local Clark Emergency Operating New Failed
West Liberty-Salem Local Logan Current Expense and Improvements New Passed

Source: Ohio School Boards Association


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