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Grading the Teachers: Where the “Most Effective” Teachers Are (MAP)

This map shows how many of the teachers at each school received the state’s top value-added rating of “Most Effective.” Value-added is a statistical measure that looks at how much students learn in a given year, regardless of their level at the start of the year.

Value-added is based on students’ scores on state standardized tests and, for now, only applies to math and English teachers in 4th through 8th grades. The Ohio Department of Education gives teachers one of five value-added ratings ranging from “Most Effective” to “Least Effective.”

Most teachers — about 70 percent — are rated average. But some schools have more top-rated teachers than others. And a StateImpact/Plain Dealer analysis of state data found that districts, schools and teachers with large numbers of poor students tend to have lower value-added results than those that serve more-affluent ones.

Important note: At some schools only a handful of teachers were rated, so be sure to look at the total number of teachers rated at each school.

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This series about valued-added, a new way that Ohio is using to measure whether teachers provide a year’s worth of learning to their students, is the result of a partnership between The Cleveland Plain Dealer and StateImpact Ohio. StateImpact reporters Molly Bloom and Ida Lieszkovszky worked with Plain Dealer reporter Patrick O’Donnell and Plain Dealer data analysis editor Rich Exner to produce these stories.




  • duckmonkeyman

    If a teacher asks “How do I improve my value add score?” can Ohio answer that question if the entire model is a secret? Seems if we cannot respond properly then the entire process is a novel experiment but not much of tool for educators.

  • Laura H. Chapman

    in 2010, The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a different view of “value added.” It was a bar graph that showed the direct relationship of school performance ratings and family income: High to low difference about $ 38,000. That is value-added, Can you do a map that shows where the these families live?
    Excellent with Distinction——————————————-| $66,864
    Excellent——————————————————— | $54,395
    Effective —————————————————-| $43,280
    Continuous Improvement————————– | $37,959
    Academic Watch——————————- | $34,587
    Academic Emergency—————– | $28,582
    Source:Marshall, K. School performance and family income: 2008 data. Cleveland Plain Dealer, October, 8, 2010

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