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Superintendent Won’t Reinstate Carla Hale, the Fired Catholic Gay Teacher

Tom Borgerding / WOSU

Carla Hale and her lawyer, Tom Tootle, announcing that her union will not support her request to get her job back.

Lucia McQuaide, the superintendent of schools for the Catholic Archdiocese of Columbus, will not reinstate Carla Hale.

Hale was recently fired from Bishop Watterson High School for disclosing a relationship with a female partner in her mother’s obituary.

Hale says she was discriminated against for being gay. Her diocese says she was fired for being in a “quasi-spousal relationship” outside of marriage, which they say violates a lifestyle contract signed by all teachers in the district.

McQuaide sent Hale a letter to say she will not reinstate her to her former position. 

Last month her union announced that they will not support Hale in her quest to get her job back.

In a press release, Thomas Tootle, Hale’s lawyer says this was just another step that had to be taken before they take the issue before a mediator.

Thomas Tootle, Hale’s attorney, stated “seeking reinstatement from the Superintendent is one more step in a process that we must exhaust before we can bring this matter to a meaningful resolution before a neutral arbitrator.” The contract between the Diocese and the Central Ohio Association of Catholic Educators (COACE) gives Hale two weeks to request binding arbitration.

Hale has also filed a complaint with the Columbus Community Relations Commission, siting a city anti-discrimination ordinance.

In the statement, Hale said this was the first time she’d missed a graduation ceremony in 19 years.



  • Snarky Guy

    Practicing Christians…….what else would you expect..??

  • Autumn GetEqual Leaf

    Anything less than a full affirmation of her quality as an educator, represents an acceptance of a 2nd class education for her students.

  • Paula Garfield

    Reinstate her, this is ludicris. You have priests that have mplested, etc with students..n they have kept their jobs n just moved. Ms Hale is a good teacher, shes been in a long relationship for more than many of u, n cant get married bc of denial of civil rights. I cant believe a church who preaches love they neighbor, etc is not hiring her back c she mentioned her lonvtime partner as a survivor when her mother passed. Reinstate her..

  • Maltie Mustang

    We all knew it would eventually come down to this. Even the news coverage has slowed down to a trickle.

    Now, if the Bishop and his lieutenants were to be arrested for misdemeanor charges and made to post bail, WOWzer… this would get exciting real quick again, but what many do not realize, the Bishop of a Catholic diocese hob-nobs with all the city’s elite., and THAT simply won’t happen. Even the most faithful in the flock rarely see the Bishop except for rare, command appearances. The Bishop is sort of a living Elvis complete with cape and entourage. I’ve heard it said from good authority that some even travel with armed bodyguards.

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