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Ohio Lawmakers Consider Guns in Schools, Religion Courses

Eric Paul Zamora / Fresno Bee/MCT/Landov

A sign indicates a gun-free school zone in Yosemite Valley.

Ohio schools are generally thought of as gun-free zones, but there are exceptions. State law dictates that no one can carry a weapon on school grounds unless they have written authorization from the local school board.

“As long as a school board gives them approval they can have all the teachers, all the janitors all the staff, they can have all the parents, they can have anyone carry weapons in the school as long as they give them approval,” says Kristina Roegner, a Republican House member from the Hudson area. ”And right now there are no protocols, no safeguards, there’s nothing.”

Roegner says that loophole needs tightening, so she’s introduced a bill that would require districts to work with local law enforcement in deciding who can carry a gun in school and how to train them.

Her bill would also allow schools to conceal the names of individuals permitted to carry weapons, and it would protect those individuals from liability for any accidents unless they were the result of “reckless and wanton conduct.”

Another bill that’s getting a hearing this week by the House Education committee aims to encourage religious education.

It would allow public high schools to give credits for religion courses students take outside of school.

“If you look at your dollar bill it says in God we trust. If you go to court they ask you to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God,” says Democrat Bill Patmon of Cleveland, one of the bill’s sponsors. “Woven through our society is references to God. I would not like that to be a mystery for some young person.”

Classes in any religion could count as long as they meet certain academic qualifications. Students would have to pay for their own transportation to-and-from religion classes.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003749214102 David Thompson

    I am almost certain conservatives can’t read and if they can read, they can’t comprehend. Read the Treaty of Tripoli if you want the declaration that this IS NOT a christian nation.

    Not all courts use god in the swearing in — probably your local yokel courts.

    And the In God We Trust was a piece of crap legislation during the McCarthy era and the Red Scare. One more propaganda tool of the war mongering conservatives to demonize communism. We have god and they are godless.

    Make reading the bible cover to cover part of the school curriculum. Just have essay only for each book, so they have to learn it. Anyone who reads the bible cover to cover with any amount of comprehension will reject it out of hand as being a vile treatise on how to treat your fellow human beings. And the NT doesn’t get you off the hook for the OT, just read Matthew 5:7 which leaves no ambiguity about the OT.

    • sciencelady

      I almost choked when I read this. I was at a loss for words. Thanks for your sgreat comment. I totally agree.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003749214102 David Thompson

        I tried to keep it mild.

  • Snarky Guy

    There is a race to the bottom…It`s not fun to watch..Everything we used to lead the world on,we now are 26th in education,or worse on others…184th in paid employee paid time off…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003749214102 David Thompson

      We are truly an malignant narcissistic nation with no social values what’s so ever. Social Darwinism, from people who think evolution is false.

  • sciencelady


  • Snarky Guy

    Republicans believe in themselves ,they think they are GOD.. Religion today is a cesspool.. Remember,in today`s moronic religion,monsters like Hitler,can just be a fake born again,and all is forgiven…Religion is a license for evil..

  • BobsYourUncleBob

    So I’ll be the lone dissenter here by suggesting that teachings on religions (plural) IN SCHOOLS as legitimate coursework could be of some real societal benefit, & would be preferable to credits offered for off-campus courses, & the surrender of control over curriculum that ensues.

    The U.S. especially Faux & Fiends, are seemingly trying to hone fear & dehumanization of “The Other” to an “art form” (in a Joe McCarthy kind of way). Public education in comparative religions, if properly constructed, might go some distance in bringing down artificial barriers that have been raised to separate us from each other.

    I’ve read/heard what are the essentially boilerplate anti-religion rants (see above) countless times by countless posters to threads like this. These posters have much in common with those whom they decry: both are equally & foolishly self assured as to the “truths” they proclaim; both are equally dogmatic & closed-minded; both are equally unenlightened & incapable of civil debate: neither are entirely wrong or wrong-headed in their respective beliefs.

    - Religion, whether “true” or not, is a fact of life & a very real thing so get over yourself & work along side people with whom you disagree;
    - Religions other than the one you practice are worthy of the same degree of respect you demand in your practice, including the worship of atheism;
    - Most all religions share numerous, common, philosophically consistent tenants that promote acceptance of others & compassion to all. These shared tenants of brotherhood are twisted & bastardized by vainglorious power-seekers who seek to enlist YOU to self-serving ends that are the antithesis of your faith.

    “Religion” isn’t the problem; People are the problem.


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