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“Better Than Normal” Results for School Levies

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About 90 percent of the requests for renewal levies were approved in yesterday’s elections, as well 42 percent of requests for new money.

“For a primary election, results were a little better than normal,” says Damon Asbury, who follows levies for the Ohio School Boards Association.

He says usually about 30 percent of new levy requests pass.

[Check out a full list of levy results here.] 

Part of the reason for that might be that people are feeling better in terms of the economy, but mostly he says it’s that many districts successfully convinced their local voters that they need those new funds.

That was the case at Black River Schools southwest of Cleveland.

“The levy committee was just absolutely awesome,” says Connie Hange, the district’s treasurer.

It’s been 16 years since voters approved a levy for new funds for the district. This was the seventh attempt. Hange says the new funds will raise $1.6 million for the district.

“It’s not a windfall by any means but it certainly does give us some breathing room,” she says.

Over the years the district has tried to cut funds through everything from layoffs to reducing paper usage.

Hange says they celebrated today with some chips and salsa.

Don’t worry, those chips and salsa were not paid for with the newly raised levy money.



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