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Ohio House Ed Committee Chair Says He’ll Fight for the Common Core “Kicking and Screaming”

Ida Lieszkovszky / StateImpact Ohio

Some schools are already teaching the Common Core standards, and using Common Core text books like this one.

The chair of the Ohio House Education Committee says he’ll fight “kicking and screaming” any effort to repeal the Common Core, a new set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do in math and English at each grade level.

Rep. Gerald Steblelton tells Gongwer News Service he is a strong supporter of the Common Core:

When asked if it is possible the General Assembly could decide to repeal the standards, Mr. Stebelton said, “Possibilities are always there, but this chairman of this committee is not going to do that.”

Ohio is one of 45 states that have fully adopted the Common Core, which was developed by teachers, math and language experts and others in an effort organized by state school chiefs and governors. The new standards come with a new set of standardized tests that are to be given entirely online.

The Ohio State Board of Education approved the new standards in June 2010 and they are already being implemented in some schools. All Ohio public schools are supposed to be teaching the Common Core at all grade levels by next school year.

But a growing number of Ohio parents, grandparents and other residents are calling for Ohio to not teach the Common Core. (See: Opposition to National Common Core Standards Grows in Ohio.)

Although the Common Core was approved by the state Board of Education in 2010, there’s been little debate about it in the statehouse to date. Some legislators say they don’t know much about the Common Core.

Rep. Ron Amstutz, chair of the House Finance Committee, tells Gongwer he’s “neutral” on the Common Core but wants to learn more about it:

“I know there’s quite a bit of concern to the point where I’ve talked to a couple of folks that I think know more about it than I do that have substantial concerns about the program, so that makes me feel obligated to find out more and then figure out what that might mean for Ohio.”

Stebelton says he plans to hold a hearing on the Common Core to help educate legislators about the new standards. A date for the hearing has not yet been set.

StateImpact Ohio reporter Ida Lieszkovszky contributed to this report. 


  • concernedforourkids

    As a recently retired teacher, I saw the initiation of common core and I am appalled that the standards are lower than those already in place, and most importantly that common core makes curriculum alignment with the assessment tool mandatory. Assessment, traditionally, is only a tool to help instruction–not control and strangle it.

    I urge that the Ohio Senate defund this program that will not improve education. Rather, this program will be the death of any locally controlled education. I believe that common core is about two things: government control and exorbitant amounts of money going to PARCC or other assessment organizations. Remember: common core has no track record—it is total experimentation with America’s most valuable resource—our children.
    Please, legislators, do your homework and also get input from educators in the field .Academics and “experts” who are not, or perhaps never have been, in the classroom are NOT the real experts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patsy-Nomore/100003129642483 Patsy Nomore

    We need the citizens to be aware of what`s going on and begin caring..

    Teaching to a test,”No Child Left Behind” was a George W. Bush family get rich quick scheme… $150 per test,per child,how many times a year,with the profits going to Neal Bush… Now the next fraud of “Privatization” or PROFITIZATION… Another rip off of taxpayer dollars.. Start caring what the conservative right wing fringe in putting into text books…

    With for profit schools,graduates aren`t ready for college…They need remedial educational improvement…The FOR PROFIT success story is a failure from the word GO…

  • kimhil

    “…Rep. Ron Amstutz, chair of the House Finance Committee, tells Gongwer he’s
    “neutral” on the Common Core but wants to learn more about it: —please learn
    more — research Agenda 21 for a start and how it connects to common
    core/teaching children what the government deems necessary and acceptable. A democrat, Rosa Koire Delphi
    succinctly describes Agenda 21, searching her name on YouTube brings a lot of
    information which will dispel the myth that some posters claim, blaming
    republicans for the Agenda 21 corruption, when both parties are guilty of
    stealing wealth and freedoms from future generations – however the party is not
    guilty, many reps. are guilty of not educating themselves, or they are corrupt
    - this issue is not minor, many of the youth already do not know socialism ,
    communism, and dictatorship are related, and they are freedom killers. Common
    core further educates our children to believe big government priorities are
    good for people, while obvious lies are ignored. Many people are already
    believing blatant lies, in America the people are –supposed to describe what is
    “acceptable” not the government – most teachers do not like common core, they
    are told what to teach, and forced to put propaganda into children’s minds. Common core, the national media, they’re both
    pawns of the government – thank God for alternative media/the internet, but
    freedom stealers don’t want the truth to be known, the disclose act will take
    care of this problem.

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