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30 Twitter-Recommended Books for Teachers

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Wondering what books about teaching are actually worth reading?

#ohedchat, a weekly Twitter chat among Ohio educators, is here to help. Here’s a list of the top 30 (or so) books Ohio educators on #ohedchat said had the biggest influences on them.

30 Twitter-Recommended Books for Teachers

Wondering what books about teaching are actually worth reading? The educators of #ohedchat, a weekly Twitter chat among Ohio educators, are here to help.

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The question:
Q4: If you could build PD around book had biggest impact on you as an educator – what book would you choose? #ohedchatJeremy Evans
The answers:
Q4: Harry Wong – The First Days of School. Help me understand the importance of routine in the classroom #ohedchatMichael Feldman
Learning For Keeps: Teaching Strategies Essential for Creating Independent … By Rhoda Koenig #ohedchatCarrie Macalla
Would be remiss not to include The Death and LIfe of the American School System-Ravitch #ohedchatDarla G Wagner
A4: am reading Notice and Note by @kylenebeers and @bobprobst. Excellent book on close reading. #ohedchatTina Cassidy
Armstrong-Multiple Intelligence in the Classroom, little dated but I’m always going back to it for ideas for my Ts #ohedchatTodd Justice
#OHedchat A4: The Power of Habit: Why we Do what we Do. Great book that discusses why we do things we do & how business relates to educ.Robert Dodd
The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller was mentioned more than once:
Q4: @DanielPink Drive, @donalynbooks The Book Whisper or @KellyGToGo Readicide #OHEdChatStephanie Shouldis
The Book Whisperer, by Donalyn Miller! Changed teachers perspective about creating readers instead of teaching students to read. #OhedchatJGerber251
@JR_evans #ohedchat ok second book, (because I am not focused apparently) Happiness Advantage.Todd Stuart
A4: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. #ohedchatJoe Clark
Learning For Keeps: Teaching Strategies Essential for Creating Independent … By Rhoda Koenig #ohedchatCarrie Macalla
@JR_evans FOCUS by Schmoker. Need it more then ever! #ohedchatTodd Stuart
A4: "Brain Rules" by John Medina (@BabyBrainRules), & currently reading "Designing Interactions" by @billmoggridge #ohedchatMichael Roush
#ohedchat A4: Raising Cane by Dan KindlonMr. C
A “business” book, Good to Great by Jim Collins also got multiple recommendations:
#OHedchat A4: Good to Great is also a great book. Helps Admins understand what it takes to take organization to next level.Robert Dodd
Good to Great (private&public). Switch (Heath&Heath). Anything @ToddWhitaker for a dose of reality and down-to-earth fix. #ohedchatKarie McCrate
The 360 Degree Leader by @JohnCMaxwell is another great book too! #OHEdChatStephanie Shouldis
And people seem to really like Dave Burgess’ Teach Like a Pirate:
@JR_evans Book by @burgessdave: Teach Like a PIRATE. #ohedchatRyan McLane
Q4: Crucial Conversations, Any leadership book by Kouzes and Posner, Right now, I am quite impressed with Teach Like a Pirate. #ohedchatDarla G Wagner
A4:A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne, made me understand my culture/experience is not Ss. #ohedchatCarlye A.Stewart
I liked WHO OWNS THE LEARNING by Alan November. #ohedchatJon Smith
#ohedchat A4 I like different parts of many books. One that stand out is Leadership On the Line. I like the section on get on the balconyKent Polen
@MrsTinaCassidy I will.I just finished new Chris Lehman book Energizing Research Writing. Also an alum of TCRWP in NYC. Highly rec his bk.Joan Miller
A4. #ohedchat "The American Scholar" by Ralph Waldo Emerson – It gives us a great vision for enkindling Ss. #showinuplateSean Wheeler
A4 "Here Comes Everybody" Clay Shirky. Helps Ts to get the big shifts in collaboration vs. institutions #ohedchatSean Wheeler
A4: Cognitive Coaching: A foundation for renaissance schools. By Arthur L. Costa & Robert J. Gramston. #ohedchatChristopher Michael
@c_michael5 Completely agree. Would also add Adaptive Schools Training. #ohedchatRon Rogers


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