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Medina Schools Consider Canceling Levy In Wake of Criticism of Superintendent’s Perks

It all started when the Medina school board quietly — very quietly — approved a raise of $83,000 for Superintendent Randy Stepp, bringing his total compensation up to $186,000.

Then the Medina Gazette reported on other benefits the district provided to Stepp, like repayment of $172,000 in old student loans, tuition for an MBA and a $4,800 trip to Florida for a conference–including two nights at a luxury hotel after the four-day conference ended.

Now Stepp has been put on paid leave, the state auditor is investigating, and even people who can usually be counted on to support the schools and vote for levies are reconsidering.

Medina has a levy before voters next month, but the board could decide tonight to pull it off the ballot.

WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports:

“When I was asked by our board if the teachers would support it, I said, ‘I just cannot ask them financially to support it with what’s going on.’ And as far as the door-to-door, it’s not like we were the ones who mismanaged the money, but teachers would be hard-pressed to stand on somebody’s front porch right now and knock on the door and say, ‘Hey, I’m from Medina City Schools and we need your support on the levy,’” [Medina teachers union president John Leatherman says.]


  • mikemorley

    The school board was falling all over itself to give Stepp an ever more generous share of the public treasury. I wonder if it’s because he was paying the board members kickbacks, or because he had incriminating photos of them somewhere–the odds of a multi-year string of honest mistakes in good faith of this magnitude are vanishingly small..

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