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Ohio House May Ditch Kasich School Funding Formula

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State lawmakers are likely to replace the school funding formula proposed by Gov. John Kasich with a different way of distributing state money among Ohio’s K-12 schools, Gongwer News Service reports.

The new funding formula proposed by legislators may be similar to the “Building Blocks” model instituted in 2005 under former Gov. Bob Taft.

That model focused on funding basic school “inputs” and then adding on additional funding for areas such as special education and teaching low-income students.

A Building Blocks-style formula would be a departure from the school funding plan Gov. John Kasich proposed earlier this year as part of his budget. Kasich’s plan focused on equalizing the resources available to rich and poor school districts rather than funding educational costs.

The details of the new, new school funding formula are expected to be revealed publicly early next week, Gongwer reports.

Lawmakers and school district leaders had significant concerns about Kasich’s proposed funding formula–including the very fact that it focused on equalizing resources among districts rather than providing enough funding to educate children.

And key parts of Kasich’s plan to raise state revenues — including by expanding state sales taxes — face  opposition from House Republicans.

But objections to the education parts of Kasich’s budget bill is not limited to the school funding formula.

Lawmakers and groups including the Ohio School Boards Association and the Ohio PTA oppose other parts of Kasich’s budget including an expansion of private-school vouchers; an expansion of the parent trigger law that allows parents of students at low-performing schools to transform their schools; and a proposal to require low-performing school districts to outsource teaching.


  • http://www.facebook.com/pearl.pullman Pearl Pullman

    The only “solution” public schools will accept is more money. Any reform is rejected unless it involves more money for them.

    • Sammie_M

      That’s right! Those greedy public schools. All they want is more money so that they can educate our children! Can’t they do it for nothing!?!

      • clr1390

        You know those college educated teachers should work for 20 thousand bucks an no benefits because teaching these monsters who like their parents do not like no rules or regulations is so easy!!!

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