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MSNBC: How One School Makes Social Progress Its Mission

MSNBC’s daily talk show Now with Alex Wagner picks up our story about a Columbus charter school that has gained a reputation as being a safe place for gay students. About a third of students at Arts and College Preparatory Academy identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

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Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart, a guest on the show, says it’s a good thing schools like the one we profiled exist:

School is supposed to be the place where kids can go where they are safe and they can learn. If a child doesn’t feel safe a child’s never going to learn. It’s unfortunate that there are idiots out there who brutalize and humiliate and bully teenagers for whatever reason.

But if there’s a place where they can go and they can learn and they can excel the way kids are supposed to, then that’s great. The idea that that school is pulling students from all top schools, that for me right there is just icing on the cake.


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