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Most Ohio Charter Schools Would Get F’s Under New School Report Card System

New state report cards are coming to Ohio schools. The new report cards move from a system of ratings such as “Excellent with Distinction” and “Academic Emergency” to an A-F grading system.

It’s going to be harder for schools to get top grades under the new system. The Ohio Department of Education estimates that about three-quarters of schools would see their grades drop at least one level.

That’s a particular problem for charter schools:

Ohio’s charter school closure law says if a charter is failing two out of three consecutive years, it automatically has to shut its doors. Under the new school evaluation guidelines, ten percent of charter schools that get a C or higher today would get an F. Combine those two ingredients and you’ve got a recipe for a panic attack.

As the new school report cards are phased in, charter schools and school districts will receive grades in several areas such as how well students perform on state tests, how many students graduate on-time and how much schools close the achievement gap.

They will not initially receive a single overall grade.

In several of those areas, more than 70 percent of charter schools would receive F’s, Gongwer News Service reports.

When we first reported on this issue last spring, charter school advocates were optimistic that the system would be adjusted to keep so many charter schools from being labeled failures.

Gongwer reports the Ohio Department of Education appears to be holding firm:

“The first thing we need to do is be steadfast in our decision to hold the bar high and to be clear and transparent about sharing the brutal facts with the field,” [Ohio Department of Education associate superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning said]. “From there, we need to support districts and schools and teachers and parents and children.”


  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.crabtree.12 Mary Crabtree

    One of my greatest issues with funding for charter schools is that they haven’t been held accountable at the same level as public schools. IF public money is going to fund these for profit schools, then their accountability MUST be the same as public schools, and this MUST be transparent. No matter the student population, no matter the location, charter schools and public schools must be held to the same standard.

  • Debunk another myth…

    Mary Crabtree – please make sure you know what you are talking about before posting. Charter schools are held to all of the same accountability measures as traditional school districts (and they are NOT all “for-profit”). Actually, charter schools are more accountable – they can be shut down for chronic failure. Something two thirds of all buildings in Columbus City Schools would face if they were held to the same standard. And finally, as you can see, charter schools are not lumped in with the data scrubbers around the state. That is because they have to report student numbers monthly where districts, such as the criminals at CCS, get to cook the books all year long to make themselves look better. So, technically charter schools are far more accountable for what they do than traditional districts.

  • advocate for better ways

    You speak of data scrubbing for public schools what about the most common problem in charter schools misuse of funds ? Bottom line all the money should be put in the same system so all the kids can receive a good education. if we look hard enough we can find something wrong with everything and even with the people who run them

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