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Read Jackson City Schools New Policy That Hopes to Save the Painting of Jesus

Doral Chenoweth III / Photo courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch.

Some say the depiction of Jesus, hanging just above the doorway, is an endorsement of a religion by the school.

The ACLU of Ohio and the Freedom from Religion Foundation have filed a lawsuit against the Jackson City school district over a depiction of Jesus that hangs in a district middle school.

But in an effort to keep the painting, the district passed a policy at its last board meeting declaring some parts of the school a “limited public forum.”

According to the newly passed policy, as long as the painting hangs in a space that is considered a limited public forum for student speech, and other student organizations are allowed to hang similar images of “inspirational figures,” the painting of Jesus should be protected as private speech.

“Our position on the portrait hasn’t changed,” says Nick Dorner of the ACLU of Ohio. He says the school will have to include whatever policies they pass in their court case.

But, he says, “we still think it’s an unconstitutional endorsement of one religion by a school.”

You can read the entire policy below, and decide for yourself.




  • Chris Clayton

    The goal of the policy is clear: We want to leave the Jesus painting right where it is and we are going to bend the rules to do it. As such, it is still government-approved speech and, as such, it is still illegal.

    How about each club gets the spot for one-month? This would be the kind of alternative plan, that would be truly neutral, but one that the school board would never consider.

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      how bout you atheists do what all other religions do Start a Private School? You had your grand experiment in our public schools & have NOTHING to show for it but death, illiteracy, bullies, & drugs. Now had Public Schools have done better that private schools I’d say Atheism is the better way However the Scientific data CLEARLY shows schools declining since Atheism took over as the State religion in Schools & Universitys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1357724115 Dennis Lurvey

    the school board wont tolerate any religious icons from other beliefs…because they dont believe in other beliefs. If i live nearby I would just go take it off the wall and burn the damn thing.

  • Dan Hilbert

    I want a picture of my mom up there. She was a whole lot more inspirational than that phoney dude occupying that space. My mom fed me, clothed me and kept me warm, safe and dry. Jesus never did a thing for me or anyone else. What did that phoney say about love? He said to “hate your mother and father, sister and brother.” Luke 14:26. Is that inspirational?

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      As long as I a Non atheist pay for Public schools you will respect that. Don’t like it go start a private school & you can teach your kids any ignorant pseudoscientific Mythology belief you please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/the1observant Tim Observant

    Ah, so their own documentation admits the school endorses a religion through the two Hi-Y clubs. Yes, please submit the document as evidence. The court is going to love hearing this one.

  • Infidel1000

    If we could convincingly circulate a picture of Jesus that looks how he would’ve really looked, like Jackie Mason, Christianity would end within two weeks.

    • LaurenceGlavin

      A few years ago, the Discovery TV Channel and I believe a print magazine associated with it tried to determine what a man of Jesus’s time (if such a person actually existed) would look like. They came up with an image of a man who resembled Yasser Arafat more than John Tesh.

  • Chilidawg

    I want to hang a picture of the Pope (the new one, whomever that will be)

  • Chilidawg

    I think that we should also hang a picture of Tom Cruese, as he has been very inspirational in promoting the ideals of the church of scientology.

  • Chilidawg

    What about Vishnu? She is an inspiration to millions.

  • Chilidawg

    Then there is Kokopelli, a major figure in American History

  • Chilidawg

    Then there is the Jainist Icon (no that is not a swastika, it points in the opposite directions)

  • Chilidawg

    What about this image? It is very inspirational to millions of Americans.

  • Guest

    how about a picture of Brigham and his wives?

  • Burt Hackett

    Newspaper states a “Painting” of Jesus, this is not true. It is a “print”. In this depiction of Jesus he has blonde hair and is made to look like an Irishman. How mundane an tasteless.

    • Chilidawg

      It’s a self portrait of the artist, with the long hair and beard added for effect.

  • burt hackett

    Ida lieszkovszky the Jesus depiction is not a painting it is a cheap print!

    Not good reporting. This print is all over the USA – take a trip to a museum

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.davis.9883 William Davis

    One day whether you believe or not, you will answer to God. But if you wait that long it will be to late to say I believe in you now. So I will pray for all of you that don’t . I do believe in Jesus and God. They do so much for us. Your just blind to the truth.

  • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

    So the only “Religion” allowed in PUBLIC schools is ATHEISM. the ACLU not get the memo that Non atheists pay for these schools? how bout this We non atheists stop paying for school bonds or any other “Public” Schools. Also ignored by the Atheist civil Liberties Union is the FREE EXERCISE CLAUSE that states the schools can NOT deny Christians their right to practice in a school system they contribute to?

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